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November 13th, 2023 under Robert Englund

Next year, A Nightmare on Elm Street turns 40, but three of the leads celebrated a little early this weekend at Spooky Empire.

It is nice to see that Heather Langenkamp and Amanda Wyss are getting along with Freddy Krueger after all he did to them. Oh yeah, that is Robert Englund and not the dream killer. It is hard to separate the two.

I know the difference between reality and the nightmare he created during my teens. I think?

Seriously, I love seeing them together. And I hope we get a lot more of them next year for the film’s milestone!

Elm Street turning 40 is almost scarier than the movie itself. Although, I made my father watch the rest of the Horror movie with me after I saw a bloodied Wyss walking in the clear body bag.


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