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Lindsay Lohan getting a little Bon Jovi in rehab?
September 21st, 2007 under Bon Jovi, Rehab. [ Comments: none ]

Star Magazine is reporting that Richie Sambora has entered the same rehab that Lindsay Lohan is in in Utah. Hopefully this time he will get the help he needs, it seems that that place is doing wonders with Lindsay Lohan. 
No word if the two have met each other in rehab, but let's hope they don't start dating. 

Richie Sambora checks into rehab
June 7th, 2007 under Bon Jovi, Rehab. [ Comments: none ]

"Richie Sambora has entered an undisclosed treatment facility in Los Angeles. He asks that you respect he and his family's privacy at this time." his spokesperson told People. It is not known what he is seeking treatment for, but it has been a hard year for him, his divorce with Heather Locklear was finalized the same month his father died of lung cancer and he broke up with Denise Richards. It is also unsure if this will effect how Bon Jovi will publicize the release of their new album om June 19th and their tour to promote it. I just hope he gets better soon. Oh and blame Denise Richards.

Lindsay Lohan enters rehab
May 29th, 2007 under Lindsay Lohan, Rehab. [ Comments: none ]

As expected Lindsay Lohan entered into rehab today. According to TMZ her lawyer drove her to Promises to check her in. Lindsay will be taking part in a "a serious medical treatment program," that will last a minimum of 30 days. Hopefully she will finally get the help she so desperately needs in a real rehab, not like the one she was in before Promises. 

UPDATE: Here is her statement from TMZ:
“Lindsay admitted herself to an intensive medical rehabilitation facility on Memorial Day. Because this is a medical matter, it is our hope that the press will appreciate the seriousness of the situation and respect the privacy of Lindsay as well as the other patients receiving treatment at the facility.”


Pete Doherty going back to rehab
April 29th, 2007 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss, Rehab. [ Comments: none ]

Pete Doherty is entering rehab again for the umpteenth time. A band member told The Sunday Mirror, "Pete did go out on a bender last week, but he has reduced his intake massively and he hopes the new implant will help him quit for good." How many times has tried to quit for good? Hopefully he will finally do it, but I am not holding my breath. 

Bad month for Van Halen
March 9th, 2007 under Rehab, Van Halen. [ Comments: none ]

Billboard confirms that Eddie Van Halen has entered rehab for "undisclosed reasons" and that none of the current members will be at the Rock and Roll Hall Fame induction ceremony.

Last weeks rumors started to spread that the Van Halen reunion tour was on permanent hold because tickets sales were halted. VH confirmed that the tour was off indefinitely earlier this week. Than reports were saying that the tour was off because of friction between David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen over Eddie's drinking. Then yesterday TMZ got this statement from Eddie's camp.

I would like Van Halen fans to know how much I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Without you there is no Van Halen.

I have always and will always feel a responsibility to give you my best. At the moment I do not feel that I can give you my best. That's why I have decided to enter a rehabilitation facility to work on myself, so that in the future I can deliver the 110% that I feel I owe you and want to give you.

Some of the issues surrounding the 2007 Van Halen tour are within my ability to change and some are not. As far as my rehab is concerned, it is within my ability to change and change for the better. I want you to know that is exactly what I'm doing, so that I may continue to give you the very best I am capable of.

I look forward to seeing you in the future better than ever and I thank you with all my heart.


To make matters worse, Van Halen will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next week and only ex-bandmates Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony will be on hand to accept the award. Don't get me started on what BS the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is. There are several inducted bands that can tell you how messed up this show is.


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