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Nicolas Cage says he is ‘from Saturn’
April 27th, 2022 under Kelly Clarkson, Nicolas Cage. [ Comments: none ]

Nicolas Cage was on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and he showed off a party trick that he can do.

The Oscar winner can make his singing voice sound like he inhaled helium. The Daytime host was so impressed, she wanted to know how he did it. The actor confessed, “It’s true. I’m from Saturn.”

Is it wrong that I totally believe him? It is totally believable.


Nicolas Cage was stalked by two mimes
April 21st, 2022 under Jimmy Kimmel, Nicolas Cage. [ Comments: none ]

Nicolas Cage did his first national talk show appearance in 14 years, so Jimmy Kimmel had a lot of questions for the actor to make up for the lost time.

Did you know that Cage wanted to build a movie studio in Las Vegas, but Elon Musk got the money instead to build whatever he built?

Then there was the time that the Oscar winner was a winner at the roulette table. He turned $200 into $20,000 in 30 minutes. Does he still gamble? And what did he do with the money? You are going to want to hear what he did with the dinero.

Did Cage really have a two-headed snake? Yes, and the story of how he got it is epic.

Diane Kruger told Kimmel that Cage bought a cave full of bats, did he? I won’t answer the question, but I will tell you why he wanted it. He wanted to get naked with his ex-wife in it and drink Saki. That image made me think how can Nicolas Cage top himself in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent when the original is so much better than what anyone can come up with of him.

And finally, was Cage stalked by a mime? No, he was stalked by two of them. How did he react? He told the Jimmy Kimmel Live host, “That is just so weird. That is one of those things that made me ask the proverbial question, ‘Why?'”

With everything he told the ABC late night host, the fact that the double mime attack is what he considers weird is all you have to know about him. He is, and always will be, a legend.

And what is wrong with all of the bookers that haven’t booked Cage in 14 years? He is better than most of the guests that they have had on their shows. I hope this is the start of us seeing him on more talk shows, more often. I can listen to him go on and on.


Legendary actor Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
March 9th, 2022 under Nicolas Cage. [ Comments: none ]

Nicolas Cage has landed the role he was born to play in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. He is playing himself in the movie.

However, it is an exaggerated version of himself. At least, I am assuming it is exaggerated. With him, you never know.

That is why we can’t stop watching his films. So this one that comes out on April 22nd is no different.

Are you excited to see Nic Cage play Nick Cage?

So, when I went to the website, I saw that address is So, I guess that is how they are getting around which Nic(k) Cage he is playing in the movie. It is like a Face/Off of the Nic(k)s.


Nic Cage being an exaggerated version of Nic Cage is all we need
December 14th, 2021 under Nicolas Cage. [ Comments: none ]

Nicola Cage is playing himself in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. However, it is him, but a massive version of himself. One that can only be imagined in fiction because we would never believe it if it was his reality. So maybe it is. We will never know.

But what we do know is that we want to see this film when it comes out on April 22nd.


The History of Swear Words is the shit
January 5th, 2021 under Netflix, Nicolas Cage. [ Comments: none ]

Nicolas Cage and Netflix teamed up to give us a series about the History of Swear Words. In each episode that is out today, they examine the origin of the words we are told not to say, along with how and why we use the word now.

There are six episodes, and they each focus on one word. Those words are fuck, shit, bitch, dick, pussy, and damn.

Did you know there are people who study curse words? They are Benjamin Bergen (PhD, Cognitive Scientist, Author of What The F), Anne Charity Hudley (PhD, Linguist, and Educator), Mireille Miller-Young (PhD, Professor of Feminist Studies), Elvis Mitchell (Film Critic/Host of The Treatment on KCRW), Melissa Mohr (PhD, Author of Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing), and Kory Stamper (Lexicographer, Author Of Word By Word), and they feature throughout the series.

It is not only about the lessons. There is some comedy added to the mix. Joel Kim Booster, DeRay Davis, Open Mike Eagle, Nikki Glaser, Patti Harrison, London Hughes, Jim Jefferies, Zainab Johnson, Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Baron Vaughn, and Isiah Whitlock Jr. give us their takes on the words. Think of it like VH1’s serious I Love a certain decade.

As we get the history and the humor of these words, we also learn why they have such an impact on us. We do feel better when we curse. In fact, if two people put their hands in ice water, the one who curses will be able to keep it there 50% longer. Not only does it make you feel better, but it also makes you stronger. I know I feel invincible when I curse now. Not when I was a kid because my dad would remind me who was boss.

Anyways, we don’t know how all of these four-letter words came into existence, but we learn some interesting facts. Damn is so damning when it is taken away from its intended use in the Bible. That is why Gone with the Wind had such a hard time getting the censors to allow them to use the word.

Not all of these words were considered offensive. In fact, only one of them recently became one in the Merriam Webster dictionary. The person who gave it that title will explain why they did it. We also find out which words have been around for over 1,000 years.

These are just a few of the many interesting facts you will learn in the docuseries. There are plenty of more. Seriously, who doesn’t want to learn more about words like fuck, shit, bitch, dick, pussy, and damn? I can’t wait for the inevitable second season. I want to learn more about the history of tit, c#nt (I fucking hate this word), ass, and so many more.

Especially with Nicolas as our teacher. He was born to play this part. Teach me, Professor Cage!


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