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Don’t bother throwing your underwear at Morgan Wallen
June 24th, 2024 under Morgan Wallen. [ Comments: none ]

So, when I lived in Atlanta, I ushered concerts. One of the concerts was Tom Jones, and I was on panty duty. That meant I had to try to stop any underwear that was hurled his way. Since the ladies were older, their underwear was bigger.

Nowadays, women wear thongs. Case in point: Morgan Wallen was performing in Minneapolis over the weekend when a fan threw her baby blue panties at him, and they hit his face.

What did he do? He didn’t even react as he took them off his hat. Then he stood up and threw them back at the audience.

While Drake has a collection of bras, Wallen doesn’t want to collect your underwear. So save them for Drake and Tom Jones because they like it.


Morgan Wallen shaved his head
August 12th, 2023 under Morgan Wallen. [ Comments: none ]

via Holly Board

Morgan Wallen can do whatever horrible thing he wants, and his fans don’t care. But the second he shaves his head, they are devastated. Can’t say I blame them. He looks awful without his mullet. And no one looks good with business in the front and party in the back.

And for those of you who are wondering why he did it. He told the crowd in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday, “I didn’t like my long hair anymore, so I shaved it off.”


Morgan Wallen falls on stage
April 22nd, 2023 under Celeb Oops, Morgan Wallen. [ Comments: none ]

via Bulk Tanker Yanker

Morgan Wallen was performing in Louisville, Kentucky, on Thursday. And it looks like he went from singing about whiskey to drinking it. That is because the Country singer fell on his ass during the show.

And if that wasn’t him on whiskey, then maybe he had sand in his boots.


Saturday Night Live does more to get people to wear masks than the White House
October 7th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Morgan Wallen, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: none ]


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Morgan Wallen was supposed to be performing on Saturday Night Live this week, but today they pulled the offer. The Country singer was seen partying over the weekend without a mask and kissing strangers on TikTok. That is something you can’t do during the coronavirus pandemic; and then expect to work on a set.

Wellan, from his hotel room in NYC, recorded a message of apology for his fans. “I respect the show’s decision because I know I put them in jeopardy, and I take ownership for this. I’d like to apologize to SNL, to my fans, to my team for bringing me these opportunities, and I let them down,” he said.

The musician realizes he screwed up big time. “I think I have some growing up to do. I think I lost myself a little bit. I tried to find joy in the wrong places and, I don’t know, it’s left me with less joy, so I’m going to try to work on that. I’m going to take a step back from the spotlight for a little while and go work on myself.” Then he added, “I wish I could have made country music and my fans proud this Saturday, but I respect the decision once again.”

As of today, he has not tested positive for COVID-19, but the damage has been done.

Can you imagine if DC was this tough on people who didn’t wear masks? Then maybe the president and his lackeys would not have coronavirus. Not only that, maybe we would not have cases spiraling out of control all over the country. Strange concept.

When it comes to his replacement, Variety says, as of now, they do not have one. Hopefully, they will go with Bon Jovi, who just released an album and live close to the city.



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