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Michael Bolton reveals he underwent surgery for a brain tumor
January 5th, 2024 under Michael Bolton. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Bolton ended last year with a scary health scare, and he is now ready to talk about it.

I want to start by wishing everyone a very happy and healthy new year! I also want to share that 2023 ended up presenting me with some very unexpected challenges. Just before the holidays, it was discovered that I had a brain tumor, which required immediate surgery. Thanks to my incredible medical team, the surgery was a success. I am now recuperating at home and surrounded by the tremendous love and support of my family. For the next couple of months, I will be devoting my time and energy to my recovery which means I’ll have to take a temporary break from touring. It is always the hardest thing for me to ever disappoint my fans or postpone a show, but have no doubt I am working hard to accelerate my recovery and get back to performing soon. I am beyond grateful for all the love and support you have so generously shown me through the years. Know that I’m keeping your positive messages in my heart, and I’ll give you more updates as soon as I can. Much love always, MB

Thankfully, they caught the tumor and were able to remove it.

Hopefully, the 70-year-old singer will be better soon and back doing what he loves, dazzling audiences. And we will wait for him as long as it takes.


So that is what Michael Bolton’s Go the Distance is about?
May 19th, 2023 under Michael Bolton. [ Comments: none ]

Have you ever wondered what Michael Bolton’s song, Go the Distance, from the 1997 movie, Hercules, is about? Well, now we know.

The singer released a video that shows that the tune is about going the distance by not leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Who knew? But now we do!

As they say, the more you know…


How is Michael Bolton supposed to live without coffee?
May 15th, 2023 under Michael Bolton. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Bolton is 70 years old. And for some reason, he decided to give up coffee.

And now he is wondering to himself, “Tell me, how am I supposed to live without you? Now that I’ve been loving you so long. How am I supposed to live without you? And how am I supposed to carry on? When all that I’ve been living for is gone.”

So the next time you give something up, think to yourself those words that he just said. Because how are we supposed to live without it?


ABC gets into the Celebrity Dating business
February 18th, 2021 under ABC, Michael Bolton, Zooey Deschanel. [ Comments: none ]

ABC has celebs dancing. Fox has them doing it in a mask. CBS has them living together. And in a few months, ABC is going to have them dating via a classic game show.

Zooey Deschanel will be hosting Celebrity Dating Game with a twist. The suitor asking the questions to the celebrities won’t know their names. However, they will get hints from Michael Bolton, who will sing parody songs about them. Because when a man loves a woman, parodies work best.

Each episode will feature one famous single man and well-known available woman looking for love. They and the three eligible lovers will be either television, music, comedy, reality TV, or feature film stars. I expect a lot of reality stars. However, you never know because a lot of celebs are looking for someone to quarantine with these days.


Michael Bolton cancels dates per doctor’s orders
August 20th, 2019 under Michael Bolton. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Bolton canceled his European gigs on Friday and Sunday because of a mystery illness. Yesterday, he gave his fans an update on he is doing. He wrote, “Back in LA to see my doc and get on treatment plan! Feeling better every day. Thank u for all your prayers and good wishes … they’re working!!!”

When a man loves his fans, his fans love him back when he most needs them. Therefore, keep the prayers the going for him. This way he will be better to play his continue his tour. Women around the World need to see him perform his sexing music, so they can go home and have sexing with their lovers.


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