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What happens when The Avengers’ cast tries to tell a story
April 9th, 2019 under Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Don Cheadle, Jimmy Kimmel, Marvel Comics, Scarlett Johannsson. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Kimmel Live asked the cast of The Avengers cast to read a children’s story about Thanos. It started off nicely with Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans. Then they got to Wakanda and that was it. At that point, the story went to hell. Hopefully, the movie will have a better ending, but since it is called Endgame, I doubt it.


Captain Marvel made Kevin Smith cry
March 9th, 2019 under Kevin Smith, Marvel Comics. [ Comments: none ]

Kevin Smith has been through a lot in the last, you know like surviving a heart attack that should have killed him. Yet we never saw him shed a tear. That was until yesterday when he saw Captain Marvel and that made cry. Why?

He explained, “Just saw @captainmarvel. I am a blubbering mess. After a lifetime spent referencing the movies, the movies just referenced me! Many thanks to @MarvelStudios and to my friend @TheRealStanLee for the shout-out! But if I’m now part of the @Marvel Universe… Did I survive The Snap?”

I think we can all understand why he crying, I would cry too and it is not my party.


Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart broke the same World Record!
February 20th, 2019 under Guinness World Records, Hugh Jackman, Marvel Comics, Sir Patrick Stewart/Sir Ian McKellen. [ Comments: none ]

Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart are in the Guniess Book of World Records now and they are listed for the same thing. Are they in it for breaking the longest time tied to someone without breaking loose? Nope, but I like that.

They both have the longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero. How long have they been playing Wolverine and Professor X? They have been doing it for 16 years 228 days. Both actors started playing their characters in X-Men and ended it with Logan.

You know Jackman can end the tie if he would just agree to Deadpool vs Wolverine. Is it tempting him yet? I don’t think so because he has set his sites on breaking the longest marathon playing badminton, singles, record. He only has to do that for 25 hours, I think that is possible for Stewart!


Get the tissues ready for Avengers: Endgame
December 7th, 2018 under Marvel Comics. [ Comments: none ]

The first trailer is out for the last Avengers movie and could Avengers: Endgame get an Oscar nomination for best picture? It looks like it will be a real tearjerker.

I have not seen the first three movies and even I want to go see it on April 26th. Seriously, whoever cut that trailer did a great job because they perfectly mixed the emotion and action together, and that is not that easy to do.

How psyched are you to this movie? Too bad, Stan Lee did not live long enough to see it.


Deadpool responds to Wolverine saying they won’t work together
November 23rd, 2018 under Hugh Jackman, Marvel Comics, Ryan Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]

People asked Hugh Jackman if he would come out of retirement to play Wolverine again in a crossover with Ryan Reynolds. The X-Man said, “I just said, ‘You know, I just don’t think the world really wants to see Deadpool with Wolverine.’ Maybe a cameo from Deadpool? I just think it runs over it for Deadpool.”

Well, when the wise-cracking hero heard this he said, “I see @RealHughJackman is no longer allergic to selfish.” I am siding with the ugliest superhero on this one.

I want a Deadpool/Wolverine standalone movie. Who is with me? Marvel make this happen.


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