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James Corden works out with Mark Wahlberg at 4a!
November 15th, 2018 under James Corden, Marky Mark. [ Comments: none ]

Mark Wahlberg recently released his daily schedule and it includes working out in the middle of the night. James Corden, out of all of the television hosts, wanted to see what that entails so he showed up at the actor’s house just before 4a.

As soon as he got there it was time to stretch, but it looked something we might see in Boogie Nights. I don’t know what you would call that, but it is definitely something you do at the hour.

But that was just the beginning, the exercise kept going. How did The Late Late Show host do? Considering he only got through the warm-up before going home. He knocked it out of the park.

I wonder if Corden still gets Good Vibrations from Marky Mark? I would think not after this.


Can you spot Donnie and Mark Wahlberg in this old family photo?
October 24th, 2018 under Marky Mark, NKOTB. [ Comments: none ]

Mark Wahlberg posted this photo of him with his 8 siblings and I was not able to recognize he and his brother, Donnie Wahlberg, when they just were kids on the block. Click on the photo to see if you had better luck than I did.


Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine makes me want to take a nap
September 12th, 2018 under Marky Mark. [ Comments: none ]

Mark Wahlberg revealed what his day looks like and I am exhausted. He wakes up at 2:30a and the first thing he does is pray. Then he eats, works out, eats, showers, golf, eats, cryo chamber, eats, family time, eats, works, picks up kids, eats, works out, showers, eats and then goes to sleep at 7:30p. Rinses and repeats.

Sadly, for his wife, he does not schedule in sex. Which could explain why he and Rhea Durham only have four kids and stopped having them eight years ago.

This is my schedule, 6a fights alarm, 7a finally gets up, eats, shower, eats, naps, eats, goes to sleep at 10p.


Has Alex Rodriguez hit hard times?
September 10th, 2018 under Hard times, Marky Mark, Sports figures. [ Comments: none ]

Alex Rodriguez was seen working at Wahlburgers near Fenway Park in Boston yesterday, so has the NY Yankee hit hard times? Yes, but not in the way you think. He lost a bet to Mark Wahlberg when A-Rod’s team was swept by the Red Sox. Therefore, he spent a day doing everything at the hamburger joint for the day including mop the bathroom floor.

How did the slugger feel about it? He wrote, “I had to do a little bit of everything – greet customers, flip burgers, clear tables, and yes, mop the bathroom floor. But what I thought was going to be a tough day turned out to be a day I really enjoyed.

“The people in New England were incredibly hospitable. I’m sure they were in a great mood with both the Red Sox at home today and the @Patriots opening their season here, too. I was grateful for the way I was treated, and hey, I even got a free lunch in the deal.

“It’s no surprise there more than 25 Wahlburgers locations already across the country. If there’s one near you, definitely find your way there. Delicious!

“Now, I need to double down and hopefully get Mark in the Bronx sometime. #GoYankees”

Mr. J-Lo got lucky that Beantown was nice to him because there was a time that never would have happened. Especially after 1986.

When it comes to A-Rod, he has my respect now because he wimped out on the bet. But he didn’t. That is how we do it in The Bronx!


Mark Wahlberg mostly only reads good reviews
August 17th, 2018 under Marky Mark. [ Comments: none ]

Vanity Fair invited Mark Wahlberg to do a lie detector test and he accepted. One of the questions they asked Marky Mark is if he reads the reviews about his movies. He said he reads the good ones, and every now again he peaks at the bad ones. He has his people only send him the good ones.

Let’s be honest, maybe if he read more of the bad ones he might be a much much much better actor. Criticism hurts, but it also helps to make you better. And we know he has room for improvement. He might have chart-topping movies, but he will never win an Oscar for his acting.

There was not much else that came out of this test. We did learn he is sometimes mistaken for Matt Damon and does not correct the person who got it wrong. He thinks Wahlburgers has the second best hamburgers out there. The first is his own. And he never remembers saying, “Say hello to your mother for me.” Finally, he still writes rap songs, but don’t expect him to release an album anytime soon.


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