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Proof Bernie Sanders and Larry David are not the same person
January 10th, 2020 under Larry David, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Some booker at Today did something very smart. They decided to book both Larry David and Bernie Sanders on the same episode this morning. This way we got to see the two of them in one place at the same time. Proving that even though they look alike and at times they even talk alike, they are not like Patty Duke on jer self-titled sitcom; they are actually two different people.

Now I think I can tell who is running for president and who plays him on Saturday Night Live. At I think I can. Can you?


So that’s why Bernie Sanders and Larry David look so much alike
July 27th, 2017 under Larry David, Politics, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: none ]

When you saw and heard Bernie Sanders for the first time, you thought he looked and sounded just like Larry David. You weren’t alone, so did Lorne Michaels which is why he asked the star of Curb Your Enthusiasm to play the Presidential Candidate on Saturday Night Live.

Does that mean that all tall, white haired, balding Jews from NY look and sound alike? Nope. Yesterday at the TCAs, David revealed that they are something like third cousins. According to Variety, the actor recently found that out when he filmed on PBS’s Finding Your Roots.

Now you know why they look and sound alike, they are cousins just like in The Patty Duke Show. Which makes me wonder how long it will be until Michaels pitches that as sitcom. I would totally watch them reconnecting like Balki and Larry did on Perfect Strangers!


A tale of two Bernie Sanders or Larry Davids!
February 7th, 2016 under Larry David, Politics, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: none ]

Larry David was the host on Saturday Night Live yesterday, so of course Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders also appeared on the show. While the sketch wasn’t that funny, it was hysterical to see the two of them together. Now that we have, I still don’t know who was who. Can you tell the difference between the politician and the comedian?
Maybe this other bit from the show yesterday where David played Sanders can help you out or maybe it will make it worse?


Larry David does Bernie Sanders!
October 18th, 2015 under Larry David, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then when you watched the Democratic Debate you thought that Bernie Sanders looked and sounded like Larry David. Well we weren’t alone because Saturday Night Live thought the same thing. In fact, they believed it so much they asked the Curb Your Enthusiasm star to play the Presidential Candidate. Now I don’t know who is who anymore, do you?


BTWF roles: Larry David on Fridays
April 21st, 2010 under Before They Were Famous, Larry David. [ Comments: none ]

Before Larry David was bald and grey on Curb Your Enthusiasm, he had a huge fro on on Fridays. What a head of hair the 33 year old actor had in that 1981 sketch.



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