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It sounds like Julie Andrews is not up for Princess Diaries 3
December 7th, 2022 under Julie Andrews. [ Comments: none ]

Last month, there was a rumor that Disney was working on a script for Princess Diaries 3. However, there was no mention if the cast was signed on to do it. Anne Hathaway said before the announcement she was up for doing it, but what about the Queen herself?

Access Hollywood spoke with Julie Andrews and asked her about it. The 87-year-old legend said, “I think we know that it’s probably not going to be possible.

“It was talked about very shortly after two came out, but it’s now how many years since then? And I’m that much older and Annie, the princess, or queen, is so much older and I’m not sure whether it would float or run.”

Even though Andrews doubts it would happen, she would be up for working with great friend Hathaway again.

Personally, I think I would rather see them in a new project together than a third Princess Diaries movie. Without the late Garry Marshall, it just won’t be the same.

Would you prefer a third movie or a new one with the two actresses?


Shut up, Princess Diaries 3 is closer to being a reality
November 16th, 2022 under Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews. [ Comments: 16 ]

Have you been wanting another Princess Diaries movie? Then The Hollywood Reporter has some most excellent news for you. Disney has hired a screenwriter to pen the script for the Princess Diaries 3.

While that is the good news, neither Anne Hathaway nor Julie Andrews has signed on. But then again, this is in the very early stages. Plus, I doubt they will do it without either one of them.

Are you excited about this?


Dick Van Dyke has his doubts about the Mary Poppins sequel
September 30th, 2016 under Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews. [ Comments: none ]

When you heard that they they are doing a sequel to Mary Poppins, you were like why? Then you had you doubts it would even be a 1/10th of the greatness of the original.
You are not alone because Dick Van Dyke has his too. The beloved treasure told Al Roker on Today, “Sequels traditionally aren’t very good. And I said, ‘without Walt Disney’ and I said, ‘without the Sherman brothers to write the music’, I have some doubts.” Then he added, “But I talked to the director [Rob Marshall] and they said, ‘it will be an homage.’”
Van Dyke said that they asked him to reprise his role as the old banker in the movie. He also revealed that they are also talking to Julie Andrews to play a small role in it.
Even with all of that, I still have my doubts.


Julie Andrew is going to teach preschoolers about the Performing Arts!
June 2nd, 2016 under Julie Andrews, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

Back when I was a kid, we had music, dancing and art classes as part of the curriculum. Over the years as schools have lost funding, they cut those type of classes out of the program. Now kids are not getting that type of education anymore.
Where are they going to get it then? Thanks to Netflix and the Jim Henson Company, Julie Andrews is going to host a show that will educate preschoolers on the Performing Arts.
During the 13 episodes, that will debut early next year, “Ms. Julie and her devoted assistant Gus (Giullian Yao Gioiello) bring the performing arts to a new generation of kids known as the ‘Greenies.’ The Greenies are a diverse group of kids who are mesmerized by all that the arts and creativity has to offer.”
Ms Andrews will be joined by Alec Baldwin, Sara Bareilles, Joshua Bell, Tituss Burgess, Carol Burnett, Chris Colfer, Robert Fairchild, Josh Groban, David Hyde Pierce, Bill Erwin, Ellie Kemper, Idina Menzel, Tiler Peck, and Stomp, and together they will teach the Greenies about things like mime, music, dance, improv, circus arts, voice and so much more.
If anyone can inspire them, it is the woman who played Mary Poppins and Maria. Hopefully this series will motivate kids to learn more than just the 3 Rs and for schools to teach them things besides that. Because there is so much more to life than just reading, writing and arithmetic.
I know that I am beyond grateful that my school was rich in performing arts classes because it made a well rounded person. I feel that kids these days are missing out by having just a basic education. I think this is just what they needed. Let’s hope we get a whole new generation of performers from this because a spoon full of performing arts, helps the boring stuff go down!


The Princess Diaries 10th Anniversary 2-Movie Collection is the crown jewel to anyone’s collection
June 6th, 2012 under DVD, Julie Andrews. [ Comments: 1 ]

Ten years ago a little movie came out called The Princess Diaries and now you can own the special 10th Anniversary 2-Movie Collection to watch whenever you want. The darling movie that introduced us to a young actress named Anne Hathaway and made us fall in love with Julie Andrews all over again is out on a combo-pack to enjoy whenever you want.
Not only do you get the original movie and the sequel, you also get a whole bunch of special features to enjoy with the sweet movie. In A New Princess Behind-the-Scenes Featurette you hear how Hathaway was the only girl they considered for the part even though hundreds of girls auditioned for the role. You also find out how they got Julie Andrews to say yes to the roles. In The Princess Dairies 2 Makeover Featurette you learn how to get that Princess look with a lot of tips us women can use in our daily lives. Besides those interesting features, there are plenty of bloopers, outtakes and deleted scenes to enjoy over and over again.
So run out and buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack to watch whenever you want watch the movie that showed that any girl can become a Princess. Seriously I dare you watch the movies again and tell me that they didn’t make you feel good all over again.

The Princess Diaries DVD:
A New Princess Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
Deleted Scenes
Gary Marshall Commentary
Julie Andrews & Ann Hathaway Commentary
Livin’ Like a Princess Featurette
Outtakes and Bloopers
’Miracles Happen’ Music Video
’Supergirl’ Music Video

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement DVD:
Deleted Scenes
The Princess Dairies 2 Makeover Featurette
Making a Return Engagement Featurette
Gary Marshall and Julie Andrews Commentary
’Breakaway’ Music Video
Royal Bloopers
Find your Inner Princess Game

Blu-ray Bonus Features:
Outtakes and Bloopers (for The Princess Diaries)
Royal Bloopers (for The Princess Diaries 2)


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