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Channing Tatum loves to torture Jonah Hill!
June 10th, 2014 under Channing Tatum, Conan O'Brien, Jonah Hill. [ Comments: none ]

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were on Conan yesterday and it was revealed that Magic Mike likes to torture his 22 Jump Street co-star. How? By squeezing the area just above your knee. Hill has begged him to stop, he has cried and yet none of that works. What’s even worse for him, if you do the same to Tatum nothing happens.
Seeing the two of then interact on the TBS late night show like that, shows why their movies do so well. It’s all about the chemistry!


Why Jonah Hill said he’d kiss the tip of Channing Tatum’s tatum!
June 9th, 2014 under Channing Tatum, Conan O'Brien, Jonah Hill. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight on Conan O’Brien’s TBS late night show, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill revealed a bet they had over the total box office numbers for the opening weekend of their movie 21 Jump Street. Hill thought the movie was going to make $30 million, while Magic Mike thought it would bring in $35 million. So if the film made the higher amount, then Jonah said he would kiss the tip of Channing’s Tatum…over the boxers.
Well the film made exactly $35 million, and Hill has yet to pay off his bet. Something Tatum said he was willing to go double down on with the release of the 2nd movie in the franchise that comes out this Friday. So make sure to go see 22 Jump Street this weekend so that we can give the flick bigger numbers than the original. Maybe if we do, Jonah will make the father of one a very happy man with two kisses over the boxers! Or maybe just one kiss with no boxers. A girl can dream.


Channing Tatum gives Jonah Hill a hand job in 22 Jump Street
April 10th, 2014 under Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill. [ Comments: none ]

The second red band trailer is out for 22 Jump Street and Channing Tatum was caught red handed grabbing Jonah Hill’s grenade aka his penis! If that isn’t enough to get you to see the sequel on June 13th, then I don’t know what will. Well besides the fact that the first one was better than anyone thought it would be, so the second one should be just as good.


A goldfish pooped in Jonah Hill’s mouth!
February 25th, 2014 under Conan O'Brien, Jonah Hill. [ Comments: none ]

Jonah Hill was on Conan yesterday and he told the TBS late night what it was like to film the Oscar nominated movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. First the actor talked about the private jet orgy scene and how he got to know the woman that faked going down on him. Let’s just say, being a fluffer in a non-porn has the opposite effect than someone who does the job in adult entertainment.
Then after he told us about that scene, he shared with Conan O’Brien what happened when he filmed the goldfish eating scene. At first they wouldn’t let him do it because animal groups didn’t approve of killing an innocent goldfish. Eventually they had three animal trainers come to the set and they told him how to do it so he wouldn’t kill the carnival prize. Basically he had to put the guppy in his mouth for 3 seconds and then he spit it out into some water. Well, the goldfish didn’t approve of even three seconds because as soon as he put it in his mouth, it relieved itself while it was in there. That was his way of saying this is bullsh!t, and I can’t blame the little guy.
So now that you know how far Jonah Hill went for this role, do you think he deserves an Oscar for it? Sure Jared Leto starved himself, but what creature sh!t in mouth during the making of Dallas Buyers Club? Bradley Cooper got a bad perm for American Hustle, but again did he get a mouth full of poop while filming American Hustle? And that is why I think Hill deserves the Oscar after Jared Leto. Sorry Leto deserves it hands down.
BTW talking about poop, here is a funny bit from Conan yesterday!


Jonah Hills talks about his pen!s scene in The Wolf on Wall Street
February 21st, 2014 under Jimmy Kimmel, Jonah Hill, Martin Scorsese. [ Comments: none ]

Jonah Hill was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and the ABC late night host wanted to know if that was him in that scene from The Wolf of Wall Street or did he pull Marky Mark ala Boogie Nights. Up until yesterday’s appearance, he hadn’t talked about if his pen!s made an appearance in the movie because he saved that answer for Kimmel.
The actor knew that scene was coming and he couldn’t wait to see the prosthetic the prop department got for him to wear in the movie. He was hoping for something impressive, but all he got was a crappy Dildo. So he wanted to know from director Martin Scorsese how it was going to work in the movie because it looked so bad in person. Scorsese assured him that they would fix it in post and as we know they did.
I wonder how many actors will be doing nude scenes thanks to much needed help from CGI!


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