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Jessica Alba got James Corden and Ken Jeong to kiss
December 1st, 2016 under James Corden, Jessica Alba, Ken Jeong. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Alba and Ken Jeong were on The Late Late Show yesterday and the actress got the two men to try on her lipstick. First she put it on the CBS late night host, then she did it to Dr Ken. When she was done, she found some mistletoe and the men shared a sweet kiss.
And ladies and gentlemen that is what the holiday is all about.


Jessica Alba lets us see her sweat
April 15th, 2016 under Jessica Alba. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Alba is as known for body as her acting and staying in such great shape is hard work. Today she showed us what she looks like after a grueling round of Soul Cycle. Even though it appears as though it took all of her heart and soul to do it, the result is worth it. Look at how rock hard her sweaty body is. I would try that work out, but I have no soul and you need that for Soul Cycle.


Jessica Alba has seen better days!
February 12th, 2016 under Jessica Alba. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Alba was seen looking miserable sitting on the sidewalk with her heels besides her. Basically she was looking like she had one of those nights, you know, the one where you go clubbing with your friends and everything goes wrong like your car gets towed, someone stole your money, your phone battery is dead and you have no idea where you are.
So what happened to Erin Foster and her? We will just have to tune in to find out when her episode airs during the upcoming season of VH1’s Barely Famous.


Jessica Alba in bed
January 18th, 2016 under In Bed, Jessica Alba. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Alba was having a lazy Saturday, so she spent in bed reading a book and didn’t even bother to put on makeup. If this is what Cash Warren wakes up to every day, he is a very lucky man!


Who’s the hottest MILF in this photo?
September 27th, 2015 under Dallas, Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Rachel Bilson, The OC. [ Comments: none ]

Kristen Bell, Jessica Alba, Jordana Brewster and Rachel Bilson all came out to support Alliance of Moms and the four of them are some pretty sexy moms. Proving just because you have a child, doesn’t mean you lose your looks.
They are all equally MILFable; so I can’t pick one, can you?


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