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BTWF concerts: Jenifer Lewis with Bette Midler & the Harlettes
February 1st, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Jenifer Lewis. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jenifer Lewis was able to survive Hollywood, she sang Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive with Bette Midler & the Harlettes. How sassy was the 26-year-old during that 1983 concert?


Larry King can curse and he is f*cking awesome at it!
February 1st, 2018 under Jenifer Lewis, Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Because Larry King has been on broadcast cable all of his career, he has not been allowed to use any of the seven words that George Carlin talked about. But that all changed when he had Jenifer Lewis on Larry King Now this week.

The Ora TV host gave her a birthday present for her 61st birthday that was on January 25th and he sang Happy Birthday to her. When he was done, he added a line, “…and f*ck it all.” Yeah, he finally said the F-word on camera and it did not stop there.

Then he asked the Black-ish mama why she loves to curse. She told him, “I love to curse…it does feel good and f*ck ’em!” They both agreed that it is the best word in the English language and used it with many different examples.

King then shared a story about the late great Lenny Bruce. He said the genius told him, “F*ck is antonym for intercourse. So if someone says to me, ‘F*ck you,” I say, ‘Thank you.'” Therefore, when King is mad at someone he tells them, “unF*ck you!” I am so stealing that! We might have waited a century to hear him curse and it was well worth the wait! Don’t you agree?

When it comes to Lewis, I so want to be friends with her. I could shoot the breeze with her all day long. Actually, I just want to hear talk because she is just so captivating with what she says because she says what she wants and does not give a 💩 what people think. Plus, she has a great laugh!


BTWF roles: Jenifer Lewis in Beaches
January 31st, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Bette Midler, Jenifer Lewis. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jenifer Lewis was the Diva of Black-ish, she played a character called Diva in Beaches. She has not aged single day since she starred in that 1988 movie when she was 30 years old.


Black-ish takes on police brutality tonight
February 24th, 2016 under ABC, Anthony Anderson, Jenifer Lewis. [ Comments: none ]
Black-ish is normally a comedy, but tonight they are taking on a serious issue.
The Johnsons are all sitting in front of the television awaiting the verdict on an alleged police shooting of an African-American teenager. Dre (Anthony Anderson) and his wife (Tracee Ellis Ross) feel differently about how they should talk to their kids about it. Their older kids Zoey (Yara Shahidi) and Andre Jr (Marcus Scribner) feel differently than their parents and different than each other. The twins, Jack (Miles Brown) and Diane (Marsai Martin), are too young to really understand what is going on, and everyone debates how much they should know. Finally, Dre’s parents (Laurence Fishburne and Jenifer Lewis) have their own opinions from experience and have no problem sharing their views with their family.
During the half hour episode, they will all share their different opinions and listen to everyone else’s ideas on the situation and by the end of the episode they all come together.
It is a very powerful, intense, well-done 30 minutes of television that should not be missed because it shows so many different sides of the same story that we are all talking about. There will be laughs and there will be tears, so be prepared to go through the gamut of emotions.
I will seriously be surprised if this episode is not nominated for an Emmy because it is that incredible.


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