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Jason Mraz can’t stop sniffing pussy
January 10th, 2021 under Jason Mraz. [ Comments: none ]

They say men with cats are cuter than men without them. They are right. Jason Mraz as you sing, “I’m Yours” after watching this video.

Even my kitty says to make you mine! Just don’t sniff her. She doesn’t like it, as the fresh scratches on my face can attest to.

My apologies to Mraz, but I had to go with that title. It was just too easy.


Tell me All The Ways you love this Meghan Trainor press release
February 18th, 2019 under Jason Mraz, Meghan Trainor. [ Comments: 1 ]

Meghan Trainor has a new album out and her record company came up with a titillating way to publicize it. Is it enough to make you want to buy it? It definitely will make you want to make out.

“Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and whether you’re planning on smashing bae’s junk to smithereens or out with a pint of Phish Food, you need some fresh Valentine’s Day bops to get you in the mood for L♡VE. And MEGHAN TRAINOR has got you covered with her new EP, THE LOVE TRAIN [Epic Records.]

“You know you want it. And you can freakin’ get it b*tch. On all digital platforms right HERE.

The bass gets turned up from her and as we know it is all about the bass. Want to read the rest, then click here!


Jason Mraz reworks I’m Yours for Sesame Street and I’m his!
April 19th, 2018 under Jason Mraz, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Mraz’s song I’m Yours is already a pretty happy jam that makes you feels good. Well. Sesame Street found a way to make the tune even happier. They reworked the lyrics to tell kids to go outside. It inspired me so much, and I won’t stay inside, no more, no more. But it is raining out, so now I am upset and wet. But when the sun comes out again, then I will try it again.

Seriously though, this song can brighten any day. Even a day that is gloomy like today.


Craig Ferguson and gang do Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours
June 12th, 2009 under Craig Ferguson, Jason Mraz. [ Comments: 2 ]

For those of you who don’t watch the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, you are missing out in the original ways that he comes up with as filler between David Letterman’s show and his. Last night him and his gang of humans and puppets got together and did Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. That performance just made me feel good, so I decided to share it with y’all.
Tune into CBS at 12:35a to see what he will do for filler tonight!



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