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This is why it takes Jason Mraz so long to release new music
February 12th, 2021 under Jason Mraz. [ Comments: none ]

It has been a while since Jason Mraz has released any new music. Now, we know why. Is he being a pussy about his new songs? No, but it is pussy related. His cat likes to tickle the ivories while his dad is trying to play the piano.

Personally, I think it would be purrfect if he records the song as is because they make beautiful music together. My kitty loved it, and that is all that matters to me-ow.


Jason Mraz gives musical accompaniment to Amanda Gorman’s poem
January 21st, 2021 under Jason Mraz. [ Comments: none ]

There were plenty of highlights at today’s inauguration for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. However, the one that surprised us most was the powerful poem read by National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman. As the 22-year-old read her poem The Hill We Climb, we all got chills.

It was pretty gosh darn perfect. The only thing it was missing was some musical accompaniment. Not anymore. Jason Mraz tickled the ivories to her words, and now it is perfect.

Hopefully, the two of them can go into the studio and record this as a single. Whenever we need encouragement, we can just listen to their duet, and the world will seem like a better place. Just like that feeling we got today as we watched them usher in this new administration.


Jason Mraz demonstrates the danger of TikTok trends
January 16th, 2021 under Jason Mraz. [ Comments: none ]

Have you seen that TikTok trend where people open their mouths to see what their cats will do? Almost all of those videos are really nice, with the kitty smelling the owner’s mouth.

However, it did not go as nicely for Jason Mraz. His feline bit his face. Thanks to the singer’s sacrifice, I will not be attempting that trend. That made my furbaby happy.

Seriously, I just discovered Mraz’s TikTok, and he is one of my top 3 people on there. He is up there with Adam Levine and Barbara Corcoran. If you are not following them, then you should follow them now. What are you waiting for?


Jason Mraz can’t stop sniffing pussy
January 10th, 2021 under Jason Mraz. [ Comments: none ]

They say men with cats are cuter than men without them. They are right. Jason Mraz as you sing, “I’m Yours” after watching this video.

Even my kitty says to make you mine! Just don’t sniff her. She doesn’t like it, as the fresh scratches on my face can attest to.

My apologies to Mraz, but I had to go with that title. It was just too easy.


Tell me All The Ways you love this Meghan Trainor press release
February 18th, 2019 under Jason Mraz, Meghan Trainor. [ Comments: 1 ]

Meghan Trainor has a new album out and her record company came up with a titillating way to publicize it. Is it enough to make you want to buy it? It definitely will make you want to make out.

“Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and whether you’re planning on smashing bae’s junk to smithereens or out with a pint of Phish Food, you need some fresh Valentine’s Day bops to get you in the mood for L♡VE. And MEGHAN TRAINOR has got you covered with her new EP, THE LOVE TRAIN [Epic Records.]

“You know you want it. And you can freakin’ get it b*tch. On all digital platforms right HERE.

The bass gets turned up from her and as we know it is all about the bass. Want to read the rest, then click here!


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