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Jason Alexander won’t respond to George
September 29th, 2022 under Jason Alexander. [ Comments: none ]

So you know how certain celebs won’t respond to their former character names? Well, Jason Alexander is one of those celebs. However, it is not because he is an asshole like all of the other stars.

“It is the one thing I don’t answer to, not because I’m stuffy about it,” the Seinfeld actor tells Rachael Ray on her talk show tomorrow. “But, if you yell out ‘I can’t stand you,’ I turn around. If you yell out ‘shrinkage,’ I turn around, ‘I am the master of my domain,’ I turn around. But every now and then when it was early, people would go ‘George’ and I’d go ‘Oh, they know me from the show’ and I’d turn around and they’re calling someone named George and I’d look like such a schmo.”

I wonder what he would do if you yelled fire at him. George Costanza has some unforgettable, hilarious moments.

So, if you see Alexander in public, make sure to scream out George Costanza, and not just George, if you want him to acknowledge you.


BTWF: Jason Alexander for Hershey’s Kisses
May 18th, 2022 under Before They Were Famous, Jason Alexander. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jason Alexander was a woman repellant on Seinfeld, he had a secret weapon to get the ladies. How sexy was the 21-year-old in that 1981 commercial?


Does Jason Alexander scare easily?
January 27th, 2022 under Jason Alexander. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Alexander is guest-starring on Young Sheldon, and Raegan Revord wanted to welcome him back in her own special way. So, she attempted to scare him as he walked to the set. Did her evil plan work? Nope, he didn’t even flinch. Who knew he had balls of steel? But he does. And I respect him for that because I would’ve been screaming like the girl that I am.


Want to see a 24-year old McDonald’s hamburger and fries?
September 1st, 2020 under Fast Food, Jason Alexander. [ Comments: none ]


Make this go viral, y’all ##grandparentsoftiktok ##mcdonalds ##fyp ##decadechallenge ##foryou ##happymeal

♬ original sound – aly.sherb

Back in 1996, Aly Sherb’s grandmother bought a McDonald’s hamburger and fries, and put it in a shoebox in her closet. Aly wanted to see it, so her grandmother showed it to us. It looks almost the same now as it did on the day she bought it. How scary is that?

Part of me wants to buy one and do the same thing. Then the other part of me is really craving one. What about you?

I saw this story because Jason Alexander responded to it. Back in 1985, he did a commercial for them, so he said, “Has to be one of the MCDLT’s we used in the commercial. Keeps the hot, hot. Keeps the cool, cool. I’m sensing a comeback.” I hope they bring it back and have him recreate the advertisement.


What is, how well do you know Seinfeld?
May 18th, 2020 under Jason Alexander, Jeopardy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Seinfeld. [ Comments: none ]

Jeopardy wanted to see how well the contestants know Seinfeld, so they asked them some questions. Well, not Alex Trebeck, but the stars, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jason Alexander, themselves.

How well did they do? Of course, they got all the answers correct. I mean, who doesn’t everything about the show that is about nothing.


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