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Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t wait to tell her classmates she wet her bed at 13!
December 19th, 2013 under Conan O'Brien, Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]


As we all know Jennifer Lawrence says whatever she is thinking and turns out she has always been that way.
Yesterday when she was on Conan O’Brien’s show, the TBS late night host asked her about her nickname Nitro when she was in school. She explained that she was so hyper, when she was a teen, that they unsuccessfully had her on meds to calm her down. I say unsuccessful because they didn’t work.
She also shared with Conan a story about how when she was 13, she was so excited that she peed in her bed that she couldn’t wait to tell her classmates. So when she got to school, she ran to bleachers, told them what she did and they were all silent.
Even when she was teen, all those years ago, she was just as cute then as she is now. That is why we love our Hunger Games heroine!


David Letterman and Jennifer Lawrence snuggle together under the comforter!
November 21st, 2013 under David Letterman, Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Lawrence was a guest on The Late Show yesterday and she told the CBS host that she was freezing on his set. Being the gentleman that he is, he asked his staff to bring out blanket for her, so she could warm up. Once she finally got one, she covered herself up with it and then Letterman joined her under the sheets and asked everyone in the audience to go home.
I honestly can’t remember the last time the gap-toothed host was so playful with a guest, but the Hunger Games star has a way of bringing out that side of older men. I just love her who gives a f*ck attitude about it all. It’s so refreshing and I hope she never changes.


Jennifer Lawrence’s spunky new do!
November 6th, 2013 under Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Lawrence is getting ready to promote The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and she got a new hairstyle for all the press she will be doing. Gone are her long flowing locks and now she dons a spunky pixie bob. I love it, it is so her. It’s wild, sassy and yet stunning. Short can be sexy, flirtatious and fun, and whoever gave her that cut, nailed it.


Jack Nicholson falls harder for Jennifer Lawrence than she fell at the Oscars!
February 25th, 2013 under Hunger Games, Jack Nicholson, Jennifer Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

After the Oscar ceremony was over the stars went to celebrate and the winners were being interviewed by the press. Jennifer Lawrence was being interviewed by GMA when all of a sudden her conversation was interrupted by Jack Nicholson. He walked over to see who they were interviewing and when he saw it was her, he said “You did such a beautiful job. I didn’t mean to cross into your interview but I had to congratulate you.” Then being the non-Hollywood star that she is, she jokingly responded by saying “You’re being really rude.” Then he told her she looked like an old girlfriend and she said, “Oh, really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?” Without missing a beat, he said “I’ve thought about it.”
Embarrassed by the whole situation, she put her head in her hands asking if he was still there. And then he popped back in and told her “I’ll be waiting.”
No word if she played any Hunger Games with the man that is old enough to be her grandfather, but with some Viagra in him I am not sure I would turn him down. You don’t have a reputation like his without a reason!
BTW in case you missed her most awesome fall that makes her even more endearing, here it is:


BTWF roles: Jennifer Lawrence on Monk
February 6th, 2013 under Before They Were Famous, Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

via Conan
Before Jennifer Lawrence had people rooting for her in Hunger Games, she was a mascot rooting for her team on Monk. She just as cute now as she was when she was 15 in that 2006 episode.


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