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BTWF: Jack Nicholson in The Terror
March 23rd, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Jack Nicholson. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jack Nicholson was dealing with the Witches with Eastwick, he had a run in with another on in The Terror. He looks the same now as he did when he was 25 in that 1963 movie.


Anjelica Huston says that Jack Nicholson has a very big d-thing!
May 14th, 2019 under Andy Cohen, Anjelica Huston, Jack Nicholson. [ Comments: 1 ]

Anjelica Huston was on Watch What Happens Live yesterday and Andy Cohen asked her to play Plead the Fifth. Since she is an open book, she agreed to play.

When asked which co-star gave her the first worst impression, she said it was Bill Murray when they worked on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. He threw a dinner party on the first day and invited everyone but her. The actress said he redeemed himself as production went on.

When it came to the second question, she pled the fifth and would not reveal which famous actor she turned down.

For his third question, the Bravo host wanted her to describe Jack Nicholson, her ex of 17 years, as a lover. She turned to RuPaul and asked, “What is that d-thing?” Ru proudly said to her, “dick.” Cohen said that was only one word, she needed two more. Thus, she added, “very big.” Then she elaborated, “For the moment.”

However, after the game, she said the game “was really hard. And sort of inaccurate. But we won’t go into that.”

Now that we know Jack, it is hard to believe she said hit the road, Jack. Can we call him Jack Hammer from now on? I am Jacked up with these jokes.


Look, it is Jack Nicholson!
January 24th, 2019 under Jack Nicholson. [ Comments: none ]

Remember when it used to be that every awards season, we would see Jack Nicholson all over the place? That was then, and now we rarely see him during any of the other seasons too.

Well according to Yahoo News, earlier this week he came out to watch his Lakers play some ball with the thing that came out of his balls. His son, Ray.

You know what, he looks great. I wish he would come out of retirement and do another movie. His movies always that Jack feel that no other actor can replicate. Thus, why is he such an awards season staple. Which is a shame that he is spending his time at Staples and not in front of the camera.


BTWF roles: Jack Nicholson in The Cry Baby Killer
April 22nd, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Jack Nicholson. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jack Nicholson had an epic shootout as the happy faced Joker in Batman, he a much milder one in The Cry Baby Killer. Don’t you just adore his 20 year old baby face in that 1958 movie?


Jack Nicholson considering Dancing with the Stars?
December 5th, 2014 under Dancing with the Stars, Jack Nicholson. [ Comments: none ]

Dancing with the Stars reportedly put out a call to Jack Nicholson and he actually called back. A source told the National Enquirer that the coolest man in Hollywood told the dancing competition, “I love the show…I’ll think about it.” The tabloid adds that the show doesn’t expect to say yes, but if he did it would be the much needed jolt the show desperately needs.
I would watch the Joker do his dance again, wouldn’t you tune in every week to see that? The Carlton Dance was nice, but it ain’t got nothing on anything Jack could possibly do.


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