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Adam Richman Eats the ’80s and I am eating up the series!
February 27th, 2022 under Adam Richman, History Channel. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p on History, Adam Richman gets into his time travel machine and travels back 40 years for Adam Eats the ’80a. The food enthusiast is going to try foods that have not been around since that era, learn the history of iconic foods, and introduce us to some of the people who made these foods from yesteryear.

In the first episode, he takes us to Domino’s Pizza. There we learn that they made a pizza that never left the decade. In fact, they made two, and I wish they would bring them back. Not only do we get to watch them make these failed pizzas, we learn how they went from a few stores in Michigan to become the pizza giant they are today.

Richman then travels to Pennsylvania to learn the origin story of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. While he is there, he is taught how to twist one of their pretzels.

The second episode that airs tonight is really sweet! As in it about Big League Chew and a man who has an impressive collection of over 20,000 candies worth around $150,000 from the Me Generation.

Did you know Big League Chew was the idea of a baseball player? You get to meet him and see how they made the first batch of the shredded gum in someone’s home kitchen. Richman gets to sample the first flavor they came up with and learns why the candy company rejected it.

The thing I love most about Richman’s style is that he always goes into every location like a kid in a candy store. So what happens when walks to Russel Vandever’s like totally tubular candy collection from the ’80s? He becomes a kid again as he plays with his food. The ’80s had the best candy, and I dare you to prove me wrong after watching this episode.

No matter what Richman takes on, he always makes everything interesting and fun. This show is no different. Therefore, I can’t wait to see what other foods he brings back from my childhood!


Tim Allen and Richard Karn reunite for a home improvement competition show
August 25th, 2020 under History Channel, Tim Allen. [ Comments: none ]

It has been 21 years since Home Improvement ended, and two of the show’s stars are getting together to build a new show. History announced that they greenlit a home improvement competition show with Tim Allen and Richard Karn. Just like the ’90s sitcom, Allen will star, and Karn will host.

What is the concept behind Assembly Required? It is being described as it “will spotlight the best and brightest builders from across the country, at their home workshops, as they compete to breathe new life into everyday household items in desperate need of fixing. This new series will push each contestant to their limits while testing their ability and ingenuity to not only rebuild it but to build it better.” Then they added, “In each episode, Allen and Karn will also dive into the unique history around these items to celebrate the men and women who crafted them, and the techniques used.”

“Let’s face it — we’re living in a throwaway society,” said Tim Allen. “We buy, break, replace… rinse and repeat. Whatever happened to repair and rebuild? There are some people who unfriend, unfollow and dispose of anything that offends, annoys or breaks – so I’ve created a show to remind people of the satisfaction and pride that comes from rebuilding something on their own.”

Assembly Required is slated to debut next year.


Still the King is still the King, American Ripper is killer and The Bold Type is bold!
July 11th, 2017 under CMT, Freeform, History Channel. [ Comments: none ]

Don’t break my achy breaky heart, by not checking out the back-to-back episodes for the season 2 premiere of Still the King tonight at 10p on CMT. How many shows can you say top themselves during their sophomore season? Not that many and this show is one of the few that can. I do not know how this show found a way to make itself even wilder and wackier than it was last year, but they did.

On tonight’s season premiere, one hit wonder Vernon (Billy Ray Cyrus) is just out of prison and he moves in with his recently reunited baby mama Debbie Lynn (Joey Lauren Adams) and their teenage daughter Charlotte (Madison Iseman). Debbie Lynn just lost her lover Ronnie (Jon Sewell) in a boat explosion. To make matters worse for her, she is pregnant and does not know who the daddy is?

Vernon decides he is ready to step up and be the father he never was to Charlotte, who he did not know about. Only problem is Ronnie is not dead and now the two men are trying to be the better father to be.

Ronnie gets a job while Vernon returns to his musical roots. Meanwhile, it is Debbie Lynn who has the toughest of all, putting up with these two man children.

If you did not watch the first season of Still the King, it is OK. In fact, I want you enjoy this show as much as I am, and I just watch it live starting tonight and every Tuesday at 10p. You can binge the first season later, which will probably start at 11p tonight and you will pull all nighter.

There is nothing else like Still the King on television. It honestly a crazy horseback ride that you do not want to get off. Seriously the show is just pure fun. We need more shows like it on television and Cyrus is brilliant in this role.

Once again, I am begging you to watch because this truly is the best show on television this Summer and we need more episodes that the 13 that they ordered.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with Jack Ripper. I always thought of him as a British serial killer, but tonight at 10p, American Ripper on History Channel questions if America’s first known serial killer H.H.Holmes and the Ripper are the same person.

His great-great grandson Jeff Mudgett believes his relative might not only be the infamous Chicago serial killer, but also Jack the Ripper. Tonight, he recruits former CIA. operative Amaryllis Fox to help him find out if it might true. They will follow his relative’s footsteps to see if there might be evidence that confirms what they are thinking. They will literally try to dig up the truth and from that we might finally know who Jack the Ripper is.

Could one of the biggest mysteries of our time finally be solved? It would explain how the Ripper was able to vanish without a trace. He returned to America and lived the rest of his killing around 200 people.

I know I for one am on this 8-part journey to find out what they find out. I want to know the truth. Even if they don’t prove the connection, it still intrigues me that 125 years later we still want to know who killed some prostitutes in London.

Finally at 9p, but on Freeform is the new page turning show The Bold Type. The drama follows three Millennials who work for the female empowering magazine Scarlett.

Jane (Katie Stevens) has just been promoted to writer and she is having a problem finding her voice. Her friend Kat (Aisha Dee) is the mag’s social media manager and she needs to learn when to shut up. Finally, there is there is their friend Sutton (Meghann Fahy) who is an assistant to one of the editors. She has held that job for four years and like her friends she wants a promotion. Something her secret boyfriend who works for the magazine might be able to help her do.

Each week as they are assigned a new task, they will each learn something new about themselves. Thankfully, they have each other to help them through each lesson. Because without friends, who are you?

The Bold Type is a different type of drama for the network and like most of their shows, you will quickly find yourself addicted to every nuance by the end of tonight’s 2-hour season premiere.


Discover Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence tonight
July 9th, 2017 under History Channel. [ Comments: none ]
Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with Amelia Earhart. So much so, out of all of the celebrities that have lived/live in my town, I am most proud and excited to say that she lived here. Therefore, when I head the History Channel was doing a special called Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence, I knew I had to watch it. The 2-hour special that airs tonight at 9p is must watch for people who are interested in some of the biggest mysteries of the 20th Century including her unsolved mystery.

On July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan went missing as she tried to be the first woman to circumvent the world in a plane. She was supposed to refuel at Howland Island, but she never made it there. The US Government believed that her plane went down in the Ocean and declared her dead nearly two year later. Since neither she nor her plane were ever found, their have been plenty of theories of what happened.

Tonight, Former FBI Executive Assistant Director, Shawn Henry, uncovers new evidence that seems to prove that she survived and what might have happened to her after she made her final landing.

His first stop is talking to a man that has uncovered a photo that seems to show Earhart and Noonan on the Marshall Islands which was controlled by the Japanese Government at the time. He takes the photo to a man to verify that it has not been photoshopped and it is declared authentic. Then, he shows it to a man for facial recognition. He is able to show us that Noonan’s face and Earhart’s back appear to be a match.

Now that he has photographic evidence, it is time to talk to the son of a man who reportedly witnessed Earhart’s plane go down. Something that was documented in stamps from the Islands back in the ’60s. Everything seems to prove that a man and a woman did indeed crash land there 80 years and a week ago.

Not only has their landing been documented, a few years ago part of a plane was found on the Island. Henry gets it tested, and it seems to be from a plane like the one that Earhart flew. Henry takes the man who found the part back to Island and he shows us some wheels from dollies that he believes transported the plane to the Japanese ship that captured the pilot and her navigator.

Reports have suggested that were captured by the Japanese because they were believed to have been American spies. At the time the Japanese had made Saipan Island a makeshift prison and that is where it is believed to be where they were taken to. Henry speaks to a 90-year-old woman, who is believed to be the last person to see them alive. The woman was just 12 at the time and she remembers seeing them because she had never seen White people before. She describes what she saw to Ryan.

Now Ryan goes to Saipan to see if he can go by what she said to find any evidence that Earhart was there. What does he find? You will just have to tune in to find out. Also to learn how and why her plane never made to Howland Island.

This special is like a history book of what might have happened to Amelia Earhart after that fateful day she was never heard from again. Nothing could steer my attention away from the television as I watched it because I wanted to absorb every single word, interview some of which were archival and photo that were shared in this documentary. It was that compelling and you do not want to miss it if you want to know what most likely happened to the infamous woman. It truly leaves you feeling like this mystery has finally been solved.



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