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[ # ] Adam Richman Eats the ’80s and I am eating up the series!
February 27th, 2022 under Adam Richman, History Channel

Tonight at 10p on History, Adam Richman gets into his time travel machine and travels back 40 years for Adam Eats the ’80a. The food enthusiast is going to try foods that have not been around since that era, learn the history of iconic foods, and introduce us to some of the people who made these foods from yesteryear.

In the first episode, he takes us to Domino’s Pizza. There we learn that they made a pizza that never left the decade. In fact, they made two, and I wish they would bring them back. Not only do we get to watch them make these failed pizzas, we learn how they went from a few stores in Michigan to become the pizza giant they are today.

Richman then travels to Pennsylvania to learn the origin story of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. While he is there, he is taught how to twist one of their pretzels.

The second episode that airs tonight is really sweet! As in it about Big League Chew and a man who has an impressive collection of over 20,000 candies worth around $150,000 from the Me Generation.

Did you know Big League Chew was the idea of a baseball player? You get to meet him and see how they made the first batch of the shredded gum in someone’s home kitchen. Richman gets to sample the first flavor they came up with and learns why the candy company rejected it.

The thing I love most about Richman’s style is that he always goes into every location like a kid in a candy store. So what happens when walks to Russel Vandever’s like totally tubular candy collection from the ’80s? He becomes a kid again as he plays with his food. The ’80s had the best candy, and I dare you to prove me wrong after watching this episode.

No matter what Richman takes on, he always makes everything interesting and fun. This show is no different. Therefore, I can’t wait to see what other foods he brings back from my childhood!


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