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Is this the bravest thing that Gal Gadot has ever done?
August 14th, 2020 under Gal Gadot. [ Comments: none ]

Gal Gadot/Instagram

Forget that Gal Gadot served in the Israeli army and is Wonder Woman, this is the bravest thing she has ever attempted. Eating spaghetti with tomato sauce while wearing all white and sitting on an all white couch.

If she managed, to not even get a speck of red sauce on anything, then she truly deserves to be Diana Prince’s alter ego.

Men will not get this, but women will completely understand.


BTWF: Gal Gadot in Entourage
July 22nd, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Gal Gadot. [ Comments: none ]

Before Gal Gadot was going to real movie premieres in her honor, she went to a fake one for Entourage. She looks the same now as she did when she was 23 in that 2009 episode.


Gal Gadot puts Wonder Woman on her lips
July 22nd, 2020 under DC Comics, Gal Gadot. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but Wonder Woman: 1984 is everywhere these days but in the movie theaters. Too soon?

Anyways, the latest company they teamed up with to promote the movie is Revlon. Today, Gal Gadot showed off one of the many colors of lipstick the makeup company launched, and every superheroine is going to want to wear it. That is if we weren’t wearing masks over our mouths all the time. I miss lipstick, especially colors like the one she is wearing.


Wonder Woman moves to August 14th
March 24th, 2020 under Coronavirus, DC Comics, Gal Gadot. [ Comments: none ]

There were rumors that WW84 was going to be released on home video only because of Coronavirus. However, that is just lies because Gal Gadot revealed its new release date.

In these dark and scary times, I am looking forward to a brighter future ahead. Where we can share the power of cinema together again. Excited to redate our WW84 film to August 14, 2020. I hope everyone is safe. Sending my love to you all. ❤️

Personally, I think it is a mistake. I know so many girls that love her and have been waiting years for the sequel. They should release it online and then in the theaters when everything calms down. I betcha a lot of people would see it both ways.


Imagine what could get Sia to sing without a wig!
March 19th, 2020 under Gal Gadot, Sia. [ Comments: none ]

We pretty have suspected that Gal Gadot is a Wonder Woman in front of the camera and behind it. Now, she did something that proves that she is more of one when the cameras are not rolling.

She was inspired by the trumpet player in Italy, who got his neighbor to play along with him on another balcony. Therefore, she called some of her friends like Will Ferrell, Lynda Carter, Kristen Wiig, Sia, and so many others, and asked them to sing John Lennon’s Imagine with her.

Since we are all practicing social distancing, she got them all to send her a video of them singing a line from the inspirational tune. Then she edited it all together to remind us all how we need to pay attention to Lennon’s words. They are just as relevant now as they were almost 50 years ago. We are one world and we all need to live as one.


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