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E! says off with The Royals’ head
August 16th, 2018 under E!. [ Comments: none ]

After four seasons, E! has decided to end The Royals reign on their network. While they are done there, Deadline is reporting Lionsgate is looking for a new empire for the soapy drama about make-believe British Royals to conquer. At this point, Pop TV is showing some interest in the show.

Is the news a surprise? Not really because Mark Schwann, the creator, was fired from the show because of past alleged sexual harassment stemming back to One Tree Hill.

When it comes to the show ending, I am OK with it. Adding the dead brother who is actually alive back into the mix ruined the show. But I would still watch it if Pop TV picked it up.


Hear ye, hear ye, The Royals is back for its best season ever!
March 11th, 2018 under E!, Elizabeth Hurley. [ Comments: none ]

The Royals is back for its fourth season on E! tonight at 10p and it is royally messed up. But in a very good way!

The season starts off with everyone trying to get used to Robert (Max Brown) as King and none of them like it. For over two seasons, we heard how great he is. Then when he comes back from the dead, we do not know what to make of him. Actually we do, we hate him. But this season, just as you start to like him, he does something that makes you hate him. How does his family feel about him? Well, that you just have to see for yourself.

Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is adjusting to the fact that she will not be Queen for much longer. Up until then, she will live every day like she is the Queen of England. Which she is.

Princess Elanor (Alexandra Park) and Jasper (Tom Austen) are not together at the beginning of the season. How long will that last? Can these two really stay apart from each other? Since she does not have him in her life, she has made a major change to her life. She is not the same Princess we knew the first season. Wait until you see her transformation.

Prince Liam (William Moseley) hates his brother and will do anything to get rid of him. He is consumed with taking down his brother and will do the unthinkable.

Finally there is Cyrus (Jake Maskall), and he is, well, Cyrus. He will never change and that is why we love the black sheep of this dysfunctional royal family.

What can you expect this season? Sex, Joan Collins, someone will get shot, a country wide blackout, someone will be banished not only from the castle but also England, a Robin Hood within the palace, a proposal, betrayal, a wedding, cat fights, make ups, break ups, family dinners gone wrong and so much more.

If only the British royals were as exciting as this monarchy, we would be even more obsessed with them then we already are. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t have anything on this lot. Which is good for Great Britain, and bad for us!


People’s Choice Awards won’t air until November
December 14th, 2017 under E!. [ Comments: none ]

Normally, the People’s Choice Awards is the first awards show of the year. Not anymore, the move to E! from CBS means it will air later, a lot later, in the year. Like November 11th later. What that means for 2017 nominees, we will find out a later date. I mean it will be weird to vote on best new show when almost of them will be cancelled by then. So what will they consider the end date will be interesting. It will also be interesting to see how much we care about an awards show in November because that is normally the month for music awards shows. And now I am wondering why I even care because I have not watched the People’s Choice Awards in over a decade. How do you feel about it later air date?


6 Things You Don’t Know About The Arrangement
March 19th, 2017 under E!. [ Comments: none ]

The Arrangement is E!’s hot new drama that we just can’t get enough of, and tonight at 10p Megan’s past comes back to haunt her. Will it be enough for Kyle to call off his planned $10 million marriage arrangement with her?

While that question I cannot answer, there are several that Josh Henderson (Kyle), Christine Evangelista (Megan) and Creator Jonathan Abrahams recently answered about the show during the NBC TCA Winter Press Day.

Is The Arrangement about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?
Not at all. I kind of just saw this as for what we feel is a truly unique story that takes place in Hollywood, and our characters are very unique in their own right.

OK, so it is not about them, but is it about religion?
Well, it’s not a religion. I mean, it really is not a religion. And I don’t mean that coyly. Like, this is not a show about faith. You know what I mean? That’s not sort of the underlying theme of do you believe or do you not believe and what’s — there are shows out there that examine that and they do it really well. But, for me, it was really about Hollywood is such an aspirational town, right? And these self help organizations are about aspiring to a higher way of living. To being having more success in your profession and more success in relationships and having a more fulfilling life. And there’s a real promise to it, that “Come join our thing and do our program and spend X amount of dollars for the weekend intensive and you can change your life.” And, to me, that’s not really about faith. It’s about hope. You know what I mean? Or aspiration. So definitely not a religion.

What was it about Josh Henderson that made Abrahams cast him in the role?
When we went into casting, I was terrified of casting the role of Kyle West because honestly because there’s a lot of great actors out there, but there are very few people who walk into the room and have the kind of charisma where it kind of knocks you back a little bit, and that’s what this part needed. And it was myself and Jimmy Fox, my partner, we were in the casting room. We had seen a lot of guys and a lot of good actors. And Josh walked in the room, and it was literally the first line he said, and we did that, like, look at each other like, “Yes, this is happening,” because he’s just kind of like an unfair version of a human being. Do you know what I mean? Like, he’s incredibly good looking, yet he’s not like your typical action hero who is shut down emotionally. Right? Like, he really has access to his vulnerability. He can sing. He can dance. He’s an incredible athlete. It’s like I envy him on every level.
So that was the challenge of casting Kyle West. And I just felt like we got really lucky. He walked in the room fairly early on in the process, and we knew right away. And then on the other side of it, casting, you know casting the role of Megan, who is an unknown, somebody who is on the fringes of Hollywood, trying to make her way, we needed to find somebody who you would buy, you know, could be that person. So she’s somebody who is kind of slipping through the cracks. In real life Hollywood, there are a lot of people like that, great actors who just aren’t quite they haven’t had the right break or met the right person or whoever, and it took a really long time to find somebody who kind of fit that whole very complicated checklist.

How does Henderson see Kyle?
I guess in this industry and what’s interesting for me about playing Kyle West is that he’s four, five, six different people in one character. He’s the guy on set. He’s the guy in front of the camera. He’s the guy behind closed doors. He’s the guy with the girl. He has a past, but he also has an image that he has to keep up that he relies on. There you are.

How does Christine Evangelista see Megan?
How you do that, yeah. But I don’t think she’s really sacrificing herself in any way. But I think what Jonathan did so well was normalizing something like this, where her biggest mentor and her agent is sort of saying, you know, “This isn’t the most uncommon thing. This happens in life. And this is a way for you to get to this point.” And it’s sort of like, okay, well, I could use this in a way to advance myself, and I’m being told that this is acceptable on some level. But I think there’s this thing between the two of them. I go back to this connection where she wants to believe that this could be something more, that this is someone that she could trust. But, yeah, I think it was difficult for such a strong woman to put herself in such a vulnerable position, and I was very interested to see how she navigates through that and how she comes out of it and if she sacrifices her character in some way because of it. That was very enticing for me.

Does Henderson have anything to hide like Kyle?
I don’t think I have anything to hide, I guess. But, again, you know, this life, you kind of check your privacy at the door when you become an actor, especially if you have some success. And then playing a role like this, it’s a weird thing, an actor playing an actor and kind of having to live Kyle West’s life and not try to, you know, I guess, refer to my life in a way.


The Royals is the King and Queen of Nighttime Soaps!
December 4th, 2016 under E!. [ Comments: none ]

The Royals are back tonight at 10p on E! and it is better than ever.
The season premiere picks up two weeks after the second season finale. Prince Liam is still dealing with the after effects of finding out that Ted Pryce killed his father King Simon, and having the fans be judge and jury on him. He is coping with it by joining a fight club and fighting people. One night/morning after a fight, he goes to a bar with the bartender has a past with him and his brother.
On that note, his brother Robert is alone on an island debating whether or not to be rescued. As we know Robert is alive, but when will he be reunited with his family? That we don’t know.
Then there is Princess Elanor (Alexandra Park), her and Jasper (Tom Austen) are still playing cat and mouse with their relationship. Will they finally make a go for it?
Meanwhile, she makes a new friend, the head of security’s little girl. It is a unique friendship, but it works for both of them.
What about Queen Helena? There is a movement for King Liam to become a real thing. She wants this to happen, now, so she is trying to get a DNA sample from King Cyrus and he doesn’t want to give it up. The man, who is dying from cancer, has locked himself in his room, and won’t come out. He eventually comes out and does an on-camera interview that tarnishes their names. Making Helena even more determined to get that DNA test to prove her twins are the late King Simon’s kids.
Talking about kids, she hasn’t practiced making any in a long time. Rachel (Victoria Ekanoye) offers to get her man, but a mix up leads to a very awkward moment.
And all of this leads up to results from the DNA test. Are the twins the rightful heirs to the throne? You will just have to watch this soapy Royal drama that makes wish more monarchies were as interesting as this one.


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