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Dr Phil analyzes David Letterman and tells him his ‘life is pretty much over’
November 19th, 2012 under David Letterman, Dr Phil. [ Comments: none ]

Dr Phil was a guest on The Late Show on Friday and he basically gave David Letterman a therapy session on the show for free. Although I am not sure the CBS host was all that pleased with the daytime talk show host’s assessment of him. Oprah’s prodigy got Letterman to curse at him a few times (and it was deserved), admit on the air that he goes to therapy and he’s on antidepressants, but the saddest part came when Dr Phil told him his “life is pretty much over.” Granted it made sense why he said it, it still isn’t something you want to hear.
Now it might sound like this was a pretty deep interview with no laughs, shockingly there were a lot and you will want to watch the session to make you feel better when you go to yours after you see your family on Thursday.


Dr Phil’s hot new must have…The Body Barrier
May 11th, 2012 under Dr Phil, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Dr Phil was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and he debuted his new product The Body Barrier. It is the must have for all parents especially during prom season. You have to watch how it works because it is the best form of birth control ever. Not only will it keep boys away from girls, it will also let the girls have some fun with it and they don’t have to worry about getting knocked up before college. Plus once a woman goes Body Barrier, she’ll never go back.
Seriously I just bought this for my friend’s kid and she is only three. You never to young to get them started on The Body Barrier.


Does Dr Phil think David Letterman is a narcissist?
May 8th, 2012 under David Letterman, Dr Phil. [ Comments: none ]

Dr Phil was on The Late Show yesterday and David Letterman asked him the TV doc what he thinks his problem is? Being a good guest, he was like nothing. That was until the CBS late night host asked if McGraw thought he was a narcissist. Listen to how daytime host describes the condition, and see if you think that fits Letterman to a T. I think we will all come with the same conclusion.


High School Reunion reunites on Dr Phil
February 2nd, 2010 under Dr Phil, TV Land. [ Comments: none ]

On this season of TV Land’s High School Reunion we have seen more bullying than in years past and 4 members of the class of ’89 will be on Dr Phil today to talk about it. Two of the bullied Cyndi and Eric confront their high school and HSR bullies Elena and John on the show and Dr Phil helps them work through all that they went through for the 20+ years of their lives. During the season premiere of High School Reunion we saw when the now out Eric tried to tell John that he is proud to be gay and that he can no longer hurt him like he did in HS and John resorted back to the bully he was in high school and pushed him away. Now that we have watched the first three episodes of HSR we have seen that he hasn’t changed towards not only Eric, but other members of his class too. In fact tomorrow on TV Land at 10p we see as the class confronts him for using the N-word and he refuses to back down for using it. Will Dr Phil finally be able to help him realize his wrongs? Not to be spoilerish, but I think he did because I saw pictures of the Vegas screening of the season premiere and Eric and John were seen smiling together! But it wasn’t only those two who had a problem, former-nerd Cyndi confronts Summer Girl Elena for how she made her feel back in HS and on the show. The Summer Girls acted like they were better than all the women at the reunion and made fun of any girl that wasn’t in their click including Cyndi. Cyndi came to the reunion to prove she wasn’t the same nerdy girl she was in HS and even though the producers put her in the Summer Girls’ room, they still made her feel like an outcast. Will Dr Phil help Cyndi finally get past all she went through in high school and will Elena realize she is still a bully?
I can’t wait to watch Dr Phil today try to help these four members of Chaparral High School class of ’89 work through their bullying issues because if anyone can do it he can. But even better yet I can’t wait to watch High School Reunion tomorrow on TV Land at 10p to see as thCe class goes after John for using the N-Word!!!


The Spears Family now hates Dr Phil!!!
January 9th, 2008 under Britney Spears, Dr Phil. [ Comments: none ]

I side with The Spears on this one because the way Dr Phil used Saturday’s meeting with Britney Spears to get press was wrong. He should have just said that yes I did meet with her at the request of her family and that is all I can say. What happened to patient/doctor confidentiality? Granted her family did got to a TV doctor…
At this point sadly who wouldn’t sell Britney out…
Thanks Rowdy Yates!


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