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Who is full more hot air, Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz?
February 3rd, 2021 under Dr Phil. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil are full of hot air, but who has more of it? I thought it would be the latter; I was wrong. At least in a blowing up a surgical glove challenge.


Dr. Phil dancing!
November 17th, 2020 under Dr Phil. [ Comments: none ]

Dr. Phil shared a video of himself dancing to hold music with his wife, Robin, and I think he needs to stick to being a clinical psychologist.

Scratch that, someone needs to get him on Dancing with the Stars. Could you imagine him on that show?


Dr. Phil doesn’t want to be your daddy
September 10th, 2020 under Dr Phil. [ Comments: 1 ]


##YouHaveTo stop calling me “daddy.” I ain’t ya daddy.

♬ you have to stop supporting trump – hannah_harpist

Dr. Phil took to TikTok with a very important message to his commenters. He says, “You have to stop commenting daddy on all of my posts. I ain’t your daddy. I hate to break it to you, but I ain’t your daddy. And your real daddy is probably getting his feelings hurt.” Then he added, “I appreciate the support. It is a little weird. But I do appreciate the support.”

Who would call him daddy? I would consider him for a sugar daddy, as long as there is no sex involved. I mean, did anyone else get the creepy vibe from this video?

Do you call him daddy?


How do you like Dr. Phil without a mustache?
April 2nd, 2019 under Dr Phil. [ Comments: 3 ]

We only know Dr. Phil with a mustache, so what does he look like without one? Yesterday, he showed us. He decided to shave it off on April Fool’s Day. Or did he?

While he tricked us into thinking he did it, but he didn’t do. However, we still got a glimpse if he did do it and it is a good thing he didn’t. He says he looks like an aardvark. I think he looks like creepy Bob Newhart. What do you think his hairless face looks like?

BTW I think we should all prank him back and tell he looks really sexy without the stache, so he will shave it for real. Then when he does, we tell him April Fool’s. Who is with me?


Good Charlotte turns bad with Dr. Phil
September 14th, 2018 under Dr Phil, Good Charlotte, James Corden. [ Comments: none ]

James Corden came up with a brilliant plan to have Dr. Phil perform with Good Charlotte. Therefore, they rehearsed together and performed Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous as a group on The Late Late Show yesterday.

How did it go? Let’s just say we will all need to see a therapist after that because it has emotionally scarred us for life. And it needs to be any other psychologist but Dr. Phil because he broke the Hippocratic Oath’s first rule. Do no harm. My ears are ringing and I know it is not because someone is talking about me for one. It is because of the television doctor’s singing voice.


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