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The Chicks end their concert early and postpone a few dates
June 20th, 2022 under Dixie Chicks. [ Comments: none ]

The Chicks stopped a concert early in Indianapolis yesterday because they “could not give you the show you deserved OR the show we wanted to give you.”

Today, the band revealed that they postponing the next two dates because Natalie Maines is under “strict doctor’s orders for vocal rest.”

As of now, the show is expected to go by Friday, but that could change. Hopefully Maines will be better by then.


Natalie Maines says she might make out with George W. Bush
July 22nd, 2020 under Andy Cohen, Dixie Chicks. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2003, Natalie Maines bashed then-President George W. Bush on several occasions over the Gulf War, and Country music fans called for a boycott of The Dixie Chicks’ music.

Seventeen years later, we have a president that makes us think differently about how bad he was. Do The Chicks feel the same way about 43 due to everything we have been through with 45? Maines told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live yesterday, “I joke that today, I might, actually, make out with George Bush.” I wonder if he would accept her offer?

I’ll tell you, I think it would be a great campaign move for both parties if he accepted her offer. They could do an ad and say, “Look at what Donald Trump made us do.” Or better yet, they can kiss at one of the Country music events. I am sure there are a lot of fans who feel the same way as The Chicks about the current state of our government.

We would just need both of them to self-quarantine and test negative for COVID-19 before they make out. Why am I picturing them locking tongues? You are doing it too, right? Which song do you imagine them swapping spit over because there has to be music as they do the deed?


The Dixie Chicks almost went by MEN
July 19th, 2020 under Dixie Chicks, Stephen Colbert. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago, The Dixie Chicks revealed that they were dropping the Dixie from the name, and they will just go by The Chicks from now on.

On Thursday, when they were on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, they told him why they changed their name. Natalie Maines said that they have wanted to do it for a long time, and now was the perfect time to do with everything going on.

In fact, they tried out different names like DCX, The Chicks, MEN (Martie, Emily, and Natalie), Puss’n’Boots, and Wooly Puddin’. Finally, they wound up settling with The Chicks, but I wish they would have gone with MEN.

The band was not only there to share details about their new name, but they were also there to talk about Gaslighter, their first album in 14 years that came out on Friday.

They recently released the single, March, March, which is a protesting anthem. It is so relevant that you would think they just wrote it. Emily told the CBS host that they started writing it two years ago after they went to March For Our Lives demonstration in DC.

Why we are marching might change, but the basics will always remain the same. I can’t wait to live in a world where we don’t have to March, March.

To hear them sing the song, then click here!


The Dixie Chicks get a new name and release a protesting anthem
June 25th, 2020 under Dixie Chicks. [ Comments: none ]

The Dixie Chicks are back with new music and a new name. They are not whistling Dixie anymore because they dropped that part of their name. From now on, they will be just known as The Chicks.

Another band has that same name. However, Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer, and Martie Maguire wanted us to know, “A sincere and heartfelt thank you goes out to ‘The Chicks’ of [New Zealand] for their gracious gesture in allowing us to share their name. We are honored to co-exist together in the world with these exceptionally talented sisters. Chicks Rock!”

Not only do Chicks rock, but they also march! The newly named trio released the third song from their upcoming album Gaslighter today. A song we should all sing the next time we March, March!

Who would have thought that the most powerful protesting song would come from Country music? But it did. The times, they are a-changing, and that is a very good thing.

Gaslighter, the first studio album since 2006, will be released on July 17th. Don’t march, march to the record stores to get it. You need to run, run!


It’s a warm day in June, the Dixie Chicks have a new album coming out
June 26th, 2019 under Dixie Chicks. [ Comments: none ]

It has been 13 long years since the Dixie Chicks have released any studio albums. That is all about to change. Yesterday, the Chicks and Jack Antonoff announced that that they have a new “album, coming, someday!” That someday should be this year because Natalie Maines hashtagged the video with this, “#dcx2019”

This is going to shake up Country music, which has come a long way in 13 years. I cannot wait to see the impact these three ladies have on Nashville. It should be good.

BTW I wonder if Maines’ messy divorce to Heroes’ Adrian Pasdar played in this decision. Whatever, welcome back to recording new music.

Are you excited for the cowgirls to take you away?


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