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Dr. Dildo’s Secret is unlike any movie you have ever seen
August 5th, 2019 under Cheezy Flicks. [ Comments: none ]

I have seen a lot of movies in my lifetime, but I have never seen anything quite like Dr. Dildo’s Secret. Thanks to Cheesy Flicks, I am now familiar with the 1970 film. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before and I doubt I will ever see anything like it again.

The movie starts out with Dr. Dildo (Pete Dawson) and his friend, Ernie (Tommy Toole), talking in the car. Ernie wants to know how his friend picks up all of these beautiful women that no one has ever seen before and then they are never seen again. Dr. Dildo does not answer but we will find out soon enough.

For the next scene, we see his nurse drawing a penis on a picture of El hombre Vitruvio by Leonardo da Vinci. I guess it got her excited, so she pulls down her underwear and starts pleasuring herself for the next few minutes. I am not exaggerating. As her scene is about to come to a climax, the phone starts to ring. That is the last time we see her.

Shortly afterward, it goes to Ernie telling his girlfriend about Dr. Dildo’s women. He then leaves her to go to his friend’s lab. When he gets there, he finds several unconscious completely naked women strapped to the wall. He starts to feel their bodies as the camera zooms in on their body parts. This is also last several minutes before he is interrupted by Dildo. Quick note, this movie was made in the ’70s and it shows.

Dildo tells him that he is creating women to be nymphomaniacs for himself to enjoy. Since there are so many, he lets his friend have one for the day. Then Ernie goes off with her and they have sex in many different positions for several minutes.

Ernie then goes back to his friend’s lab and Dildo has made a new woman. The two men have to wash off the completely naked woman for several minutes. They made sure she is clean all over and I do mean all over. When she is done, they then stick a wand up her to get her started. She is ready for action and Ernie tests her out for several minutes.

Dildo does not want to be alone. Therefore, after watching his friend have sex with the new girl, he gets the other girls turned on for him to play with. Now the three men, Igor the assistant gets to have some fun too, take part in an orgy with all of the women for several more minutes. Then something happens and the movie is over.

You do not want to see how this movie ends. And everything that comes before that head-shaking ending.

Are you thinking I am lying or exaggerating about this film that is 3/4th sex? Then you can buy it from Cheezy Flicks for just $6. It is worth every penny.

How this movie is not considered porn is beyond me. It is so bad that is it shockingly enjoyable. Plus, you will have fun telling your friends about this movie. This is one of those flicks that truly is seeing is believing. And you believe me you want to see this.


They don’t make movies like Dr. Dildo’s Secret anymore
June 21st, 2019 under Cheezy Flicks. [ Comments: none ]

They make a lot of bad movies today, but they are not as creatively ingenious as they were in the ’70s. That is when they were making brilliantly bad films like Kentucky Fried Movie. It was like let’s come up with the weirdest concept, see if they will make us it, they will so let’s do it while we have the money to do so.

Case in point is 1970’s Dr. Dildo’s Secret. It is hard to tell what it about in the awesome trailer. Therefore, here is the plotline that goes with it: “Dr Dildo has been busy in his lab! Determined to build the perfect female specimen, Dr Dildo kidnaps women and kills them so he can reconstruct them to his liking. When they are perfect, he breathes new life into them through sex.”

I mean, who comes up with this stuff? How did this movie not win the Oscar and the Golden Globe in ’71? Forget Star Wars, Rocky and Grease, this should have been one of the biggest movies of the ’70s. In fact ever.

How can you see this unearthed classic? For just $6, you can buy it from Cheezy Flicks and watch it whenever you want. Invite your friends for a movie night. You can have wine and a Cheezy Flick. What more do you need?


Bizarre is a movie that lives up to its name
June 11th, 2019 under Cheezy Flicks. [ Comments: none ]

Cheezy Flicks unearths classic movies and sells them for a very reasonable price. One of their latest additions to the ever-growing library is Bizarre a movie from 1970 that looks completely, bizarre.

This film is so tantalizing it cannot be just one story. Instead, it is several vignettes woven together. The erotics tales are described as, “Our film begins with a narrator/mummy who rises from the grave to guide us through several vignettes promising to show what some of us go through in the pursuit of sexual pleasure. Our first tale features a female photographer who tortures a sexy male model. Another has a female burglar caught by the angry home owner. The third and craziest vignette involves a nerd hiring a blond call girl in pursuit of a menage-a-trois with his pet lizard. And there’s an endearing misadventure with a secret agent.”

Why don’t they make movies like this anymore? These are films we should all be watching instead of all of those comic book movies.


1975’s Snuff is available to own
May 10th, 2019 under Cheezy Flicks. [ Comments: none ]

When I was a kid, my father raised me on horror movies. For the most part, my mom was OK with that. However, she put her foot down when it came to the movie Snuff.

There were rumors that the woman who was killed in it, was actually killed in real life to make that scene look so real. I heard that she was dying of cancer, so she was willing to sacrifice herself for the film. That is why the movie was banned not only by my mom.

Years later, I finally got to see Snuff and it was so fake. I was so disappointed. I could not believe that people thought it was real.

Why am I telling you all of this? Cheezy Flicks is adding it to their list of reasonably priced awesome flicks to own!

This way you can see why this feature was so controversial for so many decades.


They don’t make movies like Robot Monster anymore!
April 19th, 2016 under Cheezy Flicks. [ Comments: none ]

Imagine a movie where a man in a gorilla suit and a diving helmet comes down to Earth and kills all but six of the humans. The more time Ro-Man spends with them, the more he gets to know them and falls in love with one of the surviving women.
If you can’t, then you need to buy it from Cheezy Flicks for $2 so that you can see it to believe it. Then show it to your friends, so that they can see the brilliant type of movies they don’t make anymore. The world be a better place if they did. Well not the world that was featured in Robot Monster, but ours.


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