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[ # ] They don’t make movies like Dr. Dildo’s Secret anymore
June 21st, 2019 under Cheezy Flicks

They make a lot of bad movies today, but they are not as creatively ingenious as they were in the ’70s. That is when they were making brilliantly bad films like Kentucky Fried Movie. It was like let’s come up with the weirdest concept, see if they will make us it, they will so let’s do it while we have the money to do so.

Case in point is 1970’s Dr. Dildo’s Secret. It is hard to tell what it about in the awesome trailer. Therefore, here is the plotline that goes with it: “Dr Dildo has been busy in his lab! Determined to build the perfect female specimen, Dr Dildo kidnaps women and kills them so he can reconstruct them to his liking. When they are perfect, he breathes new life into them through sex.”

I mean, who comes up with this stuff? How did this movie not win the Oscar and the Golden Globe in ’71? Forget Star Wars, Rocky and Grease, this should have been one of the biggest movies of the ’70s. In fact ever.

How can you see this unearthed classic? For just $6, you can buy it from Cheezy Flicks and watch it whenever you want. Invite your friends for a movie night. You can have wine and a Cheezy Flick. What more do you need?


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