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Get your tissues ready for Pose’s final season
April 6th, 2021 under Billy Porter. [ Comments: none ]

FX released the trailer for the final season of Pose. Pray tell; we are going to be crying with Pray Tell (Billy Porter) as he slowly loses his battle with HIV/AIDS. I mean, we don’t know that he is, but that is how I expect the series to end, with his death. I could be wrong, so I will be watching every minute, starting on May 2nd, to find out. Will you be watching with me?


Billy Porter updates For What It’s Worth for today
April 24th, 2020 under Billy Porter. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the late ’60s, Stephen Stills wrote a song called For What It’s Worth (Stop, Hey What’s That Sound) that was sung by Buffalo Springfield. Its message was so strong that it became an anthem for the civil rights movement and the Vietnam protests.

As time has gone, it still remains a powerful song. The meaning behind it is as strong today as it was 50 years ago. That is why Billy Porter decided to release his take on the folk song.

He updated the sound so to make it soulful, but the lyrics remain the same. They are perfect no matter what year it is.

“One of the heartening things that I’ve seen during the Coronavirus outbreak is how we’ve all banded together. Everyone doing their part, checking on each other, using technology to connect with one another,” said Porter. “I think the messages in ‘For What It’s Worth’ are so relevant now. It’s a song about unifying and coming together to make a change.”

There are four songs from that era that have left a huge impact on me. They are The Animals’ We Gotta Get Out of This Place, Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells, Jefferson Airplane’s Somebody to Love, and this one. Therefore, I am sensitive to covers that people make for those protest songs.

When it comes to Porter’s version, I totally approve. It is a groovy take that not only got my approval, it also got the thumbs up from the writer. Stills said, “For many years no one tried to ‘make it theirs’ as covers are supposed to do. That an artist of Billy’s caliber has chosen to add his flourish to my song from so many years ago is totally in keeping with what I intended.”


Lucy Hale is the new Jenny McCarthy
November 26th, 2019 under Billy Porter, Lucy Hale, Ryan Seacrest. [ Comments: none ]

New Year’s Eve got a little bit happier this year because we will not have to listen to Jenny McCarthy’s annoying voice on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Who is going to be standing next to Ryan Seacrest on December 31st? Lucy Hale will be freezing her pretty little a$$ off with him at Times Square.

While they will be in NY, the epitome of NYE, Billy Porter, will be welcoming in 2020 in New Orleans for ABC as Ciara does the same in Los Angeles.

The musical acts are yet to be announced but do they really need anyone else but Porter? I can watch him for four hours straight. He is a quadruple threat!


Billy Porter will survive getting kicked off of the show by James Corden
September 19th, 2019 under Billy Porter, Gloria Gaynor, James Corden, Kirsten Dunst. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Porter was a guest on The Late Late Show yesterday, and he made quite an entrance. He came down one side of the stage with a golden cape stretched out that make it look like he has wings. Then he went behind the curtain, did a costume change, and greeted the audience on the other side. He was not done; he then joined the band and played the tambourine. The actor had one more trick; he had several guys bring out a magic carpet and carry him like he was Aladdin to James Corden. While everyone, including Kirsten Dunst, who was the other guest, was thrilled by his entrance, the CBS host was not.

He was so upset; he threw Porter off the show. Did the Pose just leave? Of course not. He did another costume change and sang Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive in his own special way. Pissing Corden even more. Proving that Porter will always survive.

When it comes to Dunst, I do not think she knew that it was all set up before the show started. I mean, Corden knew what he was in for after he asked Porter to sing Karaoke at the Tonys and he belted out Gypsy’s Everything Is Coming Up Roses. It was the show stopper of that night. Even though it happened during a commercial break.

Back to his LLS song choice, I think he should have gone with another Gaynor song, I’m Coming Out. Seemed more fitting for the situation, but that is me.


It’s Salma Hayek vs Tiffany Haddish in Like a Boss
September 12th, 2019 under Billy Porter, Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Tiffany Haddish can be over the top high-larious. However, we are going to find out if Salma Hayek can match her in their new movie Like a Boss that comes out January 10th.

The film is described as, “Best friends Mia and Mel (Haddish and Rose Byrne) are living their best lives running their own cosmetics company they’ve built from the ground up. Unfortunately, they’re in over their heads financially, and the prospect of a big buyout offer from a notorious titan of the cosmetics industry Claire Luna (Hayek) proves too tempting to pass up, putting Mel and Mia’s lifelong friendship in jeopardy. The beauty business is about to get ugly.”

Those are just a bunch of words, the trailer speaks volumes about how funny it is going to be. Plus, there are two very important reasons to see this film. They are Billy and Porter. He is a reason enough to see anything he is in. Pray tell.


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