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Big Brother catches everything!
August 18th, 2010 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]

via Jezebel
Don’t you hate being a guy trapped in a house with beautiful women and not being able to masturbate because the cameras might catch you doing it. So what are suppose to do? Well if you are Lane, you say f*ck it, go into the shower and just go at it like it is the only chance you will have! At least he went into the shower unlike Boogie who did it with a plastic bag in the pool box.


Big Brother winner uses prize money to sell drugs?
October 20th, 2009 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]

Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski has reportedly confessed to using his $500,000 prize money to buy thousands of oxycodone pills so he could resell them according to NY Post. He was charged with trying to sell 2,000 pills to a government witness is Massachusetts. According to an affidavit, he has been buying and selling pills along to east coast. CBS must be so proud with the winners of their reality shows. First there was Richard Hatch, who was jailed for not paying taxes on his winnings and now this guy using his winnings to buy and sell drugs.
It has not been a good year for reality TV participants between this, Ryan Jenkins, who was on Megan Wants a Millionaire who killed his ex before killing himself and last week’s Balloon Boy hoax. I am scared to think what and who will be next?


The Big Brother 8 house has an anti-semite in the house
August 8th, 2007 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: 1 ]

She might not be a liar, but she is an anti-semite. I hope she goes out this week so everyone can ask her about her comments and not forgot what the stupid whiny bitch said. I am glad I skipped Big Brother this season if that is the crap they let in the house this season.


Big Brother 8 will also air on Showtime Too
June 11th, 2007 under Big Brother- US, Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Showtime Too will be airing 3 hours of live unedited feeds from CBS’s Big Brother 8 every night from 12m – 3a according to Variety. They will be taping stuff from multiple cameras in the house from 9p – 12m for Big Brother: After Dark. Because the show is on cable there will be nudity, cursing and sex if the housemates are doing any of that, so we will be able to see exciting things like Mike “Boogie” Malin jerking off in the jack box. This makes me wonder what type of people they are bringing into the house this year if this is the first time they are spinning off the show and putting it on cable? Sounds like they are going to be of wild and crazy people that will make this summer hotter! Big Brother and Big Brother: After Dark will premiere on July 5th.
On a related note, Mark Burnett’s latest failure Pirate Master will be moving Tuesdays starting on July 10th


Party at Mike “Boogie” Malin’s – The winner of Big Brother All-Stars
September 13th, 2006 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]

A message to my fans:

Hi, this is Mike "Boogie" Malin. Thanks for visiting my official website.

Thanks for watching the show all summer. I will be having a big party at Les Deux on Monday, September 18 2006. I love my fans and want you to send me an email and come and celebrate with me. If you cannot make the party, come visit me at one of my restaurants or night clubs when you are in Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Reno.

Thanks again for the best summer ever!

Mike "Boogie" Malin

Who is going to go with me? I am so glad he won! I knew the winner was going to be someone from Chilltown. I just wish Chicken George would’ve got the money over Janelle. 


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