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Do you leave Santa Anthony Hopkins human flesh?
December 26th, 2020 under Anthony Hopkins. [ Comments: none ]

Some say that Anthony Hopkins played one of the scariest roles in cinema history. That was then, now Hannibal is playing Santa Claus for Christmas. Therefore, if you see him coming down your chimney, run. Unless you want to be his next meal…

Seriously, isn’t the Sir so cute as old Saint Nick?


Do you think quarantine is getting to Anthony Hopkins?
November 24th, 2020 under Anthony Hopkins. [ Comments: none ]

Anthony Hopkins has spent 253 days in quarantine because the 82-year-old does not want to catch COVID-19. I think all of that time in isolation is getting to him. Don’t believe me? Look at him.

On a positive note, the silence of the lambs should be over soon once the vaccine is available. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. Otherwise, he might go all Hannibal Lecter.


Is Anthony Hopkins about to go all Silence of the Lambs on Chris Hardwick?
June 23rd, 2017 under Anthony Hopkins, Captioned By Me. [ Comments: none ]

Sir Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hardwick were on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and posed for this photo backstage. I don’t know about you, but I think it looks like someone needs to put that mask back on Hannibal ASAP before he eats the Nerdist!


Sir Anthony Hopkins does a mean Big Ang!
July 19th, 2013 under Anthony Hopkins, Jay Leno. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 2:25 in)

Sir Anthony Hopkins was a guest on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jay Leno asked him about his love American Idol. But that isn’t the only reality show Hannibal Lecter watches, he is also a fan of Mob Wives. Then after the NBC late night host asked him about it, without hesitation the Oscar winner did his best Big Ang and it was spot on. Who knew one of the greatest actors of our time would be addicted to one of our trashiest television shows? I don’t know why, but it just makes me love him even more.
And my adoration was solidified when he told two naughty jokes at the end of this clip. Who knew he was such a bad boy? But he is just so cute when he tries to be bad!


Sir Anthony Hopkins is an American Idol fan
January 26th, 2011 under Anthony Hopkins, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Out of all the actors in this world, Sir Anthony Hopkins is not one I ever thought would be a fan of American Idol but he told Jimmy Kimmel that he is. Not only is he a fan of the show, he also is friends with Randy Jackson. You read that right and when Kimmel heard the news he told them they should do a buddy film together called Silence of the Dogs. I know I would go see it. Actually I would love to have dinner with the two of them, just to hear what they would talk about together. That has to be an interesting meal!




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