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I Survived a Serial Killer tells the true stories of victims who are lucky to be alive
August 18th, 2021 under A&E. [ Comments: none ]

Most serial killers have at least one victim who survived to tell about their harrowing ordeal. Starting tonight at 9:30p on A&E, we will hear their horrifying stories on I Survived a Serial Killer.

In 1992, Jennifer Asbenson accepted a ride from Andrew Urdiales. Unfortunately, that choice became the biggest mistake of her life. That is because he kidnapped her, tried to rape her, and then kill her. She was the only woman out of eight who literally was in his clutches and made it out alive.

Tonight, she shares what happened on that fateful day, what he did to her, and how she got away. We also hear from the cops who worked the case and how they finally caught him.

There are so many serial killer documentaries that focus on the police and/or the families, but this 12-part series focuses on the only people who can tell what it is like to survive the hands of some of the sickest murderers.

It is something that might have been told in the past, but not like this. If you think about it, these are the voices that we really want to hear from.

In the upcoming episodes, we will hear from the people who lived to tell what it was like to come face to face with Richard Beasley (AKA The Craigslist Killer), Angel Resendiz (AKA The Railway Killer), or David Parker Ray (AKA The Toy Box Killer) and live.

You might want to sleep with the lights on that night because the truth is always scarier than fiction. And their truths are some of the most terrifying.

As someone who is obsessed with series because I lived in the next town from the Son of Sam, this docuseries is my latest addiction. I think that says a lot because this is a topic I have focused on for decades.


Farrah Fawcett Forever is a beautiful biography about the iconic woman
July 9th, 2019 under A&E. [ Comments: none ]

Farrah Fawcett was the type of woman, who women wanted to be and men wanted to be with. The actress lived an extraordinary life, one that was almost as beautiful as she was. Tonight at 9p on A&E, Farrah Fawcett Forever takes a look at her life from when she was a child in Texas up until her death from anal cancer in 2009.

Farrah Fawcett was born in Corpus Christi on Feb 02, 1947. She was a beautiful girl with a happy life. When she went to the University of Texas, she was so popular that everyone knew who she was by the end of her freshman year. In fact, even Hollywood came calling for her. She did not return their calls at first because she was enjoying college so much. Eventually, she does. Once she does, her life changes forever.

She starts out doing commercials and bit roles. While doing so she meets Lee Majors, who was one of the biggest television actors at the time. The two of them fall in love and eventually get married. Her nephew talks about that special day and shares pictures from it.

Talking about pictures, her tennis coach reveals how her infamous red bathing suit poster came about. Believe it or not, that was the last shot of the day. She was an international star just because of that poster, but her most famous role was about to happen.

That role was Charlie’s Angels. After the first season, she quit the show. Only to be forced back because she was under contract. Her husband wanted her to be a stay at home wife. However, her acting career was climbing while he was declining. It would be the beginning of the end of their marriage. Little did he know what would happen when he brought Ryan O’Neal over for dinner one night.

The two of them started a love affair that had plenty of ups and downs, but it gave her greatest joy. Her son Redmond. Everything was going so well for them and her career. She was finally being seen as a serious actress and receiving multiple awards for her work.

Then the Northridge earthquake happened and her perfect life was suddenly not so perfect. Her house was split in two during the quake, she split from O’Neal, her son was doing hard drugs, her mom got sick and died, and then she was diagnosed with cancer.

She decided to let every in on her cancer journey by filming what she was going through. She let strangers into her life as she bravely fought for her life. A battle she would eventually lose on June 25, 2009.

Farrah Fawcett Forever includes never before seen photos, old and new interviews with those closest to her including herself and home videos. We will also learn little tidbits like how she got her infamous hairstyle and so much more. If you ever wanted to know about the gorgeous, intelligent woman behind the image, this is the documentary you must watch. Even if you are not a fan, it is nice to see the story of a strong woman in Hollywood who has beauty and brains.


David Cassidy’s ex-wife says his A&E special is ‘exploitative & sensational’
June 7th, 2018 under A&E, Danny Bonaduce, David Cassidy. [ Comments: none ]

In November, David Cassidy passed away at the age of 67. In the months before he died, he worked on an album with a band, and let a camera crew into his life. This Monday, David Cassidy: The Last Session is going to air and his ex-wife has some things to say about it.

Sue Shifrin, whose divorce to him was finalized 2 years ago, wrote, “I have been inundated with comments re upcoming A&E special about @davidcassidyfan. I rarely comment personally on such matters, however I cannot tell you how sad & disappointed we are that A&E chose to air this special that noone in the Cassidy Family sanctioned or wanted aired. This program is exploitive & sensational. Everyone who participated were interested in only one thing….in their 15 secs of fame. Shame on A&E and all involved.”

Danny Bonaduce, who was his costar on The Partridge Family, responded to her Tweet with, “Dear Sue, Sorry to hear my 15 min are just about up. I kind of knew. There was a Cassidy involved, his name was David. He asked me to participate & I was happy to do it for him. I don’t see any shame in speaking fondly about David. My best to you & Beau.”

Yesterday, I watched the special and I did not find it disrespectful to him as a whole. That clip that they sent out to the press was and it only airs in the final minutes of the show. The biography started filming him in September and he is getting tested to find out if he has Dementia because he says he was having memory problems. They do find there is something going on, but they will need to do more tests.

Then the special talks about his life, or lack thereof one with his father, Jack Cassidy. The album is full of songs that were special to him and his dad. In between recording the tunes, he told stories about his father.

We do not only hear about his dad, they also talk about him becoming an overnight sensation. They also show how his life changed dramatically when he became Keith Partridge. He had to lead a squeaky-clean life and yet he did not have one because he could not go anywhere in public without being attacked by fans. You see the great lengths they went to, to keep his admirers away from him.

Besides showing flashbacks, you see him recording with the band. This is where Shifrin might have a point. It is not easy to watch him because you can tell he is pain and it is hard for him to walk at times. Throughout all of the pain, he kept working because of the work ethic his dad instilled in him. After a few days, the pain is so bad he cannot record anymore. The band tries to get him to go to the hospital and he refuses. When he cannot fly back to Florida because of the pain, that is when he decides to go to the hospital. Shortly after they drop him off, is when they get the phone call that we all heard yesterday.

At no point in the special do you see him drinking. In fact, he even says he is clean when he goes to the doctor. The first time you hear that he was drinking was at the end of the special. I think that it shows what his last few weeks were like and how hard they were on him emotionally and physically. I do not think they exploited him as much as other specials have done to other celebrities or how much the telemovie based on his life did. However, I only saw him in a Broadway play once and spent a few hours interviewing him for a sitcom he was doing with his brothers, Shaun and Patrick, who are not in the special at all. I have a special place in my heart for him, but nowhere near as special as they do. Thus, what they might not want it to air.

When it comes to Bonaduce, he was very respectful of his old friend and he is shown that way. The radio DJ talks about how Cassidy took him out on tour with him in the early ’80s to get Bonaduce off of the dangerous path he was going down. Bonaduce also says that he cannot understand how Dementia can cause your organs to fail. Even he did not know about the drinking. I do not think anyone did until yesterday.

I get why Shifrin and his family do not want it to air. I can also see why the fans of his would want to see it. It is an intimate look at the last few weeks of his life. Personally, I think some of the E! True Hollywood Specials and VH1 Behind the Musics were more exploitative to celebrities than this show is to him. It is up to you whether or not you want to watch.

UPDATE: Sue Shifrin said tweeted that she was not referring to Bonaduce in her tweets.


David Cassidy found out he did not have Dementia shortly before he died
June 6th, 2018 under A&E, David Cassidy. [ Comments: 1 ]

Last February, David Cassidy told the world that he had Dementia, something members of his family also suffered from, and that is why he could not remember the lyrics to his songs at a concert. That diagnosis, he said was the reason why he was retiring from performing. Just 9 months after that revelation, he passed away.

In between that time he filmed a documentary, that will air on A&E Monday at 11p, and he makes a startling confession to the producer of David Cassidy: The Last Session. He told a producer that he was diagnosed with a liver disease. Not only that, the doctors believed that he did not have Dementia but instead that he was suffering from memory loss due to his alcoholism. After a hospitalization that left him near death because of alcohol poising, he was able to get his short term memory back.

The months before he died, he worked on an album that included music that was special to him and his father, Jack Cassidy. In between recording the songs, he told stories about his dad. At one point he breaks down wishing his dad was there with him. That album was released earlier this year.

The documentary is about the making of that album and the last months of his life. A tragic life, but one that touched so many people.

UPDATE: I just watched the special and there is so much more to the story of that clip that airs at the end of the show. Cassidy was afraid that he thought he had Dementia and went to get tested at the beginning of the special. They did find out he was suffering from memory loss, but they were going to have to do more tests to discover what was causing it. That was in September 2017.

He then went to Chicago to record the album and he could not go on because he was in too much pain. He says from a fall. He did not want to go to the hospital to get checked out. But when he was too sick to fly home, he went. That is when they found he out he had a liver disease and was not suffering from Dementia. Not too long after that, he passed away.

I will tell you the documentary is a must watch. This an intimate look at his life, the relationship he had with his father, his fame and his work ethic. I will admit, it is hard to watch at times because you can see what the alcohol did to his body, but he never let it stop him from doing what he loved.


Learn about NXIVM on A&E’s Cults and Extreme Belief
May 28th, 2018 under A&E. [ Comments: none ]

We have all recently heard a lot about the cult NXIVM, but how much do we really know about it? Tonight at 10p on A&E’s Cults and Extreme Belief, an ex-member tells us all about her experience with them.

Sarah Edmondson was a young actress, who was unsure where her career was going. She heard about NXIVM and joined the group that held personal and professional development seminars. Whatever they were doing seemed to be working on her, so she kept going. In fact, she started recruiting people to be part of the group. Looking back at her recruitment days, she is thinking that she got over 2,000 people to join them.

Even though it cost a lot of money, she did not see anything wrong with it. That was until they recruited her for DOS which was a subdivision for the women of NXIVM. They each paid $15,000 for a 3-day seminar and that is when she was branded. After the 45-minute branding, that she did not want, she realized that the symbol on her crotch was the initials of the two leaders, Keith Raniere and Allison Mack from Smallville.

Why would she do that? They had incriminating evidence of her that they forced her to make. Her husband, who was also in NXIVM, said this was the final straw and they left.

She went to the authorities, as we know, and now both leaders are facing serious jail time for committing acts like this and ones worse than this. Something Edmondson says she did not know anything about at the time.

Now she is reaching out to the people she recruited to apologize to them.

On tonight’s premiere episode of Cults and Extreme Belief we will learn even more about NXIVM. In future episodes, Elizabeth Vargas will talk with other past members from other cults who will describe what their lives were like when they were in one.

If you are like me and love learning about cults, then you are going to be really fascinated with this show that gets the story straight from the source. It is also important for people to watch so that they know what to look out for and they are not recruited by a cult who takes all their money and so much more.


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