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When did Danny Bonaduce turn into Vincent Van Gogh?
June 16th, 2022 under Danny Bonaduce. [ Comments: none ]

Danny Bonaduce went to Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience in Seattle. At one point, the actor felt like he was looking in a mirror when he saw the painter’s self-portrait. And it could be because they are twins who were born 106 years apart from each other.

So if Hollywood ever decides to make another movie about the most famous artists of all time, then Bonaduce would be the perfect person to play him.

Why hasn’t Hollywood done a movie about Van Gogh recently because his life was as interesting as his paintings?


Danny Bonaduce gives an update on his health
May 30th, 2022 under Danny Bonaduce. [ Comments: none ]

Back in April, Danny Bonaduce announced he was taking a medical leave from his radio show in Seattle because he was having balancing issues due to a mystery illness. Over the weekend, he updated how he is doing a month later.

“It’s been a wild year for me so far health-wise and while my troubles are not over, I believe that I am on the mend,” the Partridge Family star wrote. “On May 12 Amy @theclipboardoffun, the always organized appointment keeper and notetaker, marked that she began noticing improvements. And dammit if it hasn’t been true ever since. I’d like to be back on the air asap but I’ve still got some work to do. Soon I’ll be the superior specimen I’ve always been. Me and Keith Richards, man, you just can’t keep us down.”

So when we experience a nuclear war, there will be three things walking this earth. They are Bonaduce, Richards, and cockroaches.

In all seriousness, I am happy he is on the mend.


Danny Bonaduce takes a medical leave from his radio show
May 2nd, 2022 under Danny Bonaduce. [ Comments: none ]

Danny Bonaduce shared a photo of himself with a cane and said that he is taking a break from his radio show on KZOK in Seattle. “I’ll share more when I know more, as I’m still working towards receiving a diagnosis. What I do know is I need some time to focus on my health right now. I love my job and talking to you guys and I’ll be back on the air very soon,” the Partridge Family star wrote. “Charlie Chaplin, Willy Wonka, Danny Bonaduce. I’ve joined the club of cool guys with canes.

Danny’s sister, Celia Bonaduce, gave an update on her brother’s condition. “From the UNLIKE OTHER FAMILIES, WE DO NOT REQUEST PRIVACY AT THIS TIME Department: Many of you have reached out to see what’s going on with my brother Danny. Thank you. Along with Dairy Queen dipped cones and your messages, he is feeling the love. We are not being coy when we say this is a ‘mystery illness’… in layman’s terms, his balance sucks- super sucks- and all the great medical minds of Seattle are at work trying to solve this conundrum. We will keep you posted,” she wrote. “Please remember, that while he is a public figure, he is also my well-loved brother. Type your comments accordingly. Much love for your support, FB NATION.”

Hopefully, the doctors will figure out what is wrong with the 62-year-olds soon, and it is easily curable.


This is the closest we’ll get to a Brady Bunch/Partridge Family collaboration
December 24th, 2021 under Danny Bonaduce, The Brady Bunch. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday was a rainy day in Studio City, but it was not enough to deter Danny Bonaduce from going for a walk outside. His tour without his Partridge Family siblings took him to the house of his rivals, The Brady Bunch. Sadly, they weren’t home. But if they were, I am sure they would’ve said to him to C’mon Get Happy with us because together, We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter.

Too bad we never got a crossover episode between two shows. How groovy would it have been if Johnny Bravo opened up for The Partridge Family? Such a missed opportunity. Maybe we can get Danny to play the bass for The Brady Kids as Greg Brady sings I Think I Love You!

I am in ’70s kid’s heaven right now!

Were you Team Partridge or Team Brady? Because we all know you can only choose one family to adore.


How far will Danny Bonaduce go to get recognized at Red Robin?
July 26th, 2021 under Danny Bonaduce. [ Comments: none ]

It has been over 50 years since we got to know Danny Bonaduce and his red hair on The Partridge Family.

While he is older now, and his fiery locks have added some smoke to them, he is still recognizable to Gen Xers and Boomers. However, Millennials and Gen Zers might not know who he is. So how does he get special treatment at Red Robin if they don’t know who the child star turned popular radio DJ is? He brings a headshot along and hangs it on the wall next to him.

Did it work? We don’t know. But I am assuming he got bottomless fries with whatever he ordered.


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