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[ # ] Little House’s Ketty Lester wants cards for her 88th birthday!
August 2nd, 2022 under Admirable People

Little House on the Prairie’s Ketty Lester is going to turn 88 on August 16th, and the singer/actress has one request for all of us to make her special day even more special.

Birthday blues. I get a touch of ’em every year, the older I get. I guess everybody does when you reach a certain age. It comes with the territory. And reading of Nichelle Nichols’ passage at 89 and Bill Russell’s passing at 88 just makes this 87 year old lady more aware of time. I’ve outlived 14 brothers and sisters. I’m the last…and I wonder why sometimes.

Changed the calendar today and realized I am expected (God willing) to turn 88 on August 16th. You know what I’d like for my birthday? A card from you. I want to hold a real card that comes in the mail the way they used to, before the internet. Is that silly? I love to read the letters and cards you’ve sent me faithfully over the years. Your words, your stories and your messages mean so much and getting them in the mail is kind of a sweet surprise…makes an old lady feel less lonely! I love flowers, chocolate, perfume like any woman, but what I love most of all is love. If you’d care to send me a birthday card as I turn 88 on August 16th, I would sure appreciate it. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”, it is written.

My manager said to me today that if I was feeling this way, I should “put it out there” and so I am. That’s all. I’ve got rehearsal tomorrow for my show on August 14th and probably a photo or two to share in the next day or so. ‘Til then, if you’d care to send a birthday card to ol’

Ketty, this is where they should be sent:
Miss Ketty Lester c/o DAEIDA / 1049 Havenhurst Dr. No. 20 / West Hollywood, CA 90046

Miss Lester has brought us so much happiness as Hester-Sue Terhune and in so many other roles, so let’s give her some joy. Let’s run out, buy her an old school birthday card, and wish her the happiest 88th birthday!

Who doesn’t love getting a physical card on their big day? I miss getting them. Maybe we can start a new tradition by reviving an old one.


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