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December 31st, 2008 under Before They Were Famous, Johnny Depp

Before Johnny Depp became a public name on 21 Jump Street and the movie star of today, he did a little movie called Private Resort in 1985! And boy I am glad that he did because look at good he looked back then stripping down and showing off his cute little butt? If you have never seen this movie, you should rent or buy it ASAP…not only for Depp’s a$$ but it is a great stupid movie!!!
BTW yes his friend is played by a pre-Northern Exposure and Numb3rs Rob Morrow in his first role.

SOW note: As you can tell I am trying to start a new post called Before They Were Famous! I think it is a lot of fun to see celebs before we knew them doing commercials, music videos, TV guest appearances, game show contestants, Soap Operas or bit parts in movies! I am trying my best to find as many of these on my own, but I need your help!!! So if you see them or know of any, can you please E-Mail me at [email protected]!!! I hope they are as fun for you as they are for me!!!


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[ # 383479 ] Comment from Johnny Depp Memorabilia [February 9, 2010, 4:03 am]

Actually, Johnny Depp had lots of films from before that was really nice. There was “cry baby” wherein he was a teenager at that time and looked quite attractive. The more he grew older though, the more talented he was, proving his acting skills in hit movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

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