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[ # ] Britney Spears is getting her Glee on!
August 10th, 2010 under Britney Spears, Glee

(photo from Fame Pictures)

Glee creator Ryan Murphy was on Ryan Seacrest this morning and he broke the news that Britney Spears will be on her themed episode. Here is what he told the American Idol host after he denied that Matt Morrison will be shaving his head for the ep, “We are doing a Britney episode so I think people have certain expectations because the show is sarcastic. The Britney episode, I’m here to say, is so revolutionnaire(?) about her and so kind. It’s about her music and not about her personal life. And I think Britney Spears is pop culture and I think she has been through a lot. And I want to do something that says you know what, thank you for what you have done and we’re encouraging you to continue to be doing as fantastic as you are. So that’s not true, we are handling Britney with sort of kids gloves. I will sort of give you a little scoop, Britney I think is almost 100% is going to be on the episode, which is going to be exciting. So she is going to join us and do a couple of scenes.” As of now her part has not been written into the episode, but he described the episode where Britney’s song will all be part of fantasies to Seacrest and said, “John Stamos is on the show now, he’s a dentist and he comes in for National Cavity Week and four of the kids who have terrible dental hygiene. And those kids have to go in and get their teeth cleaned, some of them under anesthesia and that’s when the fun Britney stuff happens because the kids really want to do a Britney episode and the teacher says no. They have fantasies how they can be like her.” Murphy then went on to say he really is a fan of hers.
He also then said that he has three dream artists he would love to have featured on the Super Bowl episode and they are Prince, Michael Jackson or The Beatles. As of now he doesn’t know which one, but when I asked him last week at the TCAs if that particular episode would be a Paul McCartney one, he straight out said no. But I guess in his mind McCartney and The Beatles are two separate entities either that or he was lying to Seacrest or me… It will be interesting to see who will be the dream artist that gets the post-Super Bowl spot in February.


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