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[ # ] Britney Spears asks to get off the plane
May 20th, 2007 under Britney Spears

According to News of the World, Britney Spears refused to fly on plane because the seats were not leather. Britney waited until her Los Angeles to Orlando flight had closed the doors before declaring she wanted off the plane. Passengers were delayed an hour, so that Britney and her entourage could be let off the plane. Needless to say the passengers are no longer Britney Spears fans. 

Tony Sanchez, who took the picture, described what it was like on the plane, "It was quite astonishing. The doors had been closed for about ten minutes, everyone was strapped in and the plane was about to taxi to the runway when Britney got up and said she had to get off. She just said 'I don't want to fly on this plane. It hasn't got leather seats.' I heard everything but most people were left wondering what was going on, so the captain was forced to make an apology to all the other passengers over the tannoy. He said a passenger wanted to get off so he had to respect their wishes. He didn't say it was Britney Spears but I guess he couldn't really. Some people were getting really annoyed because of the delay. Eventually the walk-on tunnel was brought back, the doors re-opened and Britney and her entourage-another girl and two men-all got off. "Then there was a further delay because their bags had to be found and taken off too. It was quite a fiasco but she didn't seem to care about anything except getting off that plane. "All the passengers were furious. It's not something you see every day," 

If I were the pilot I would've made her stay on the plane and found the most uncomfortable chair for her to sit on. Can't anyone say no to her? 


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