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[ # ] Breaking Amish cooks things up in LA!
July 21st, 2013 under DIscovery/TLC

Breaking Amish has a new group Amish and a Mennonite escaping their lives tonight on TLC at 10p to experience one we all take for granted.
The 3 women and the 3 men want to live their lives outside of the one they know best and they are going to do it in Los Angeles. Tonight we find out why they are leaving their homes and risking being shunned from their families and their communities. Lizzie has a secret; and whether she stays or she goes, she can be shunned for it. Betsy was born English, but adopted by an Amish family. She is married, but her husband and her have their issues. She is hoping that going to LA, she can find out more about who she is and she isn’t going to let her husband stop her. Iva has a passion for cooking, but there is only so much she can do in her community. So she wants to go to LA, so she can become a renowned chef. She isn’t the only one who wants to do something more than what they can do in their community, Matt the Mennonite loves to sew and he wants to be a designer. Something that is not accepted in his community because that is a woman’s job. Andrew has been banished from his family’s home for something he did. Something that us English will think is something so stupid. Finally Devon is looking for love and he isn’t the only one in the group.
Together these 6 people with a common background will try learn about a world outside of their own. Will they survive being English or will they home a failure. Something at least one of our Amish members has already done.
I love watching this show because it teaches us about the Amish lifestyle. There is so much we can learn from how they live so simply. We also can learn a lot from watching them trying to live like us with all of our amenities.


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