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[ # ] Billie Eilish punched Jimmy Kimmel
October 14th, 2021 under Jimmy Kimmel

Back when Billie Eilish was 12 years old, she made a bucket list. Yesterday, when she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host helped her check off all of the items that she hadn’t done yet.

The singer gave someone, in this case a fan, a haircut. The ABC late night host gave her a little white mouse that she named Marcus. So, you think she would give him a hug. Instead, she punched him a hug. Instead, she punched him in the gut. As payback, the “elderly man” had her kicked out of his studio, which was doubling as a Target.

Now, the only things left for her to do is grow her hair past her butt and ride a dolphin! However, punching Kimmel probably negated the remaining items!


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