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[ # ] Ben travels back to 1692 on Quantum Leap. Susan is back on SurrealEstate
December 6th, 2023 under Quantum Leap, Syfy

Tonight at 8p on NBC’s Quantum Leap, Ben (Raymond Lee) travels back the furthest in time he has ever gone.

He leaps in 1692 as a handmaid to Goody in Middleton, Massachusettes, a town between Boston and Salem. And what happened in Salem is about to happen in Middleton.

Ben’s boss’ husband died suddenly, and now the magistrate’s son has the same mystery illness.

While they are at Goody’s husband’s funeral, she is being accused of being a witch. Ben tries to prove they are not, but then he and another woman are also charged with the same. The three are sentenced to death, and Ben has to figure out a way to save them before their sentence is fulfilled.

Ben won’t be alone. He will have help from several holograms because they don’t have the information they normally have on his leaps. You know, because there are not as many records from 400 years ago as their more recent cases. So they all need to chip in.

Tonight’s episode is one of my favorite episodes so far, partially because I love anything related to the Salem Witch Trials. But also because it is different from anything else they have done.

Last week, the team from Roman Agency was preparing to rescue Susan (Sarah Levy) from her house when she suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Tonight at 9p on the SurrealEstate season finale on Syfy, Susan talks to her friends and explains to them where she has been all of this time. However, things seem off with her.

Is it really her? That is what Luke (Tim Rozon), Zooey (Savannah Basley), Phil (Adam Korson), August (Maurice Dean Wint), and Lomax (Elena Juatco) are going to try to find out.

In the process of investigating this different Susan, Luke learns the history of the house, and things make a lot more sense. Is it the key to getting their Susan back?

I can’t tell you that, but I will say to you to prepare for an emotional ending. An ending that prepares us for season 3. And I really hope that SurrealEstate gets a third season because I love this paranormal procedural.

If you missed season 2 on Syfy, then you can binge the first two seasons on the Syft and Peacock apps. What else is there to watch during this time of year?


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