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[ # ] Ben Stiller gives Jimmy Kimmel a camel
May 21st, 2009 under Ben Stiller, Frat Pack, Jimmy Kimmel

Out of all the things to give someone, a real live camel is not one of them. But Ben Stiller still thought it would be a good idea to give Jimmy Kimmel one because he read it on Wikipedia that JK likes camels. That idea was as funny as Stiller’s movies. What was funny though were some of the jokes that Kimmel made up the incident and he’s not the “genius” that Ben is suppose to be. But the real pisser of it all is when the camel decided to release some of the extra water he stores in his humps. Dang that thing peed more than a frat boy the morning after a really good party. Take a look at the floor after Guillermo takes the camel out to see the pond he left on the floor. Dang and he still has him manly humps, he is lovely manly humps. BTW after the camel is gone stop watching the interview because even Jimmy couldn’t make him watchable.
Tonight on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 12:05 he will have on Tim Daly and Common.


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