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[ # ] Ben McKenzie’s mom has given up on him
February 10th, 2011 under Ellen DeGeneres, The OC

Ben McKenzie will be on Ellen on Valentine’s Day and he told her his mother is over him.

Ellen: Now, will you be spending Valentine’s Day with someone?
Ben: I knew you were going to get to this. I’m not married. Audience cheers. This is really going to cheer me up. I’m not married. Recently out of a relationship. Audience cheers again. This is doing wonders for my confidence. This is fantastic.
Ellen: We probably have somebody in the audience. Audience cheers. Look there are people pointing, voting already. Audience cheers. Well, we’ll put the names in a hat and just pick one.
Ben: It’ll probably work as well as my system at this point.
Ellen: And what is your system?
Ben: I don’t have one. Laughs. It’s a disaster.
Ellen: Well, you’re working all the time.
Ben: I am. And that’s what I tell my mother. I’m working.
Ellen: Is your mother bugging you about that?
Ben: She’s given up on me. She’s moved on to my two younger brothers who are both married. They’re more likely to give her grandkids at this point which is really the point of the whole exercise. I mean, she cares about me, she’s my mother. But it’s really about grandkids so she just moves on to them.

Poor Ben, I am sure he will make his mother a happy woman soon by giving her some grandkids. You know because there are several woman who would like to settle down in The OC with him!!!



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