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[ # ] Aunt Chippy finally pranks her nephew Jimmy Kimmel!
November 14th, 2018 under Jimmy Kimmel

For decades, Jimmy Kimmel has been pranking his Aunt Chippy and she finally got revenge on him for his 51st birthday.

She loves to call her nephew at the crack of dawn to wish him a happy birthday, but he hates it. The ABC host wised up to her antics and shut the ringer off. Well, his wife Molly McNearny, knows how much it means to his aunt to be the first one to call him, so she came up with a plan to make it happen.

She flew Aunt Chippy in from Las Vegas with some Chippendale dancers and invited them over to sing to him in bed in the middle of the night. What a way to wake up.

Although, I think it was Chippy who really got the present. Not only did she finally get revenge on him, but she also got some Chippydale dancers to celebrate with. Not a bad deal for the single lady.


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