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[ # ] Ashton Kutcher explains his pornstache
September 9th, 2019 under Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon

For the last few months we have seen Ashton Kutcher with a mustache and it is not for a role. Then why would he do that to his model face? Revenge!

Who is he getting revenge on? He told Jimmy Fallon on tonight’s Tonight Show that it is wife. He went to a birthday party of an English singer and she told him it was a ’70s themed one. Therefore, he went as the late Burt Reynolds from Boogie Nights. He thought he was looking fly.

There was just one problem, Mila Kunis got the decade wrong, It was a ’30s New Year’s Eve party. Which means he was totally out of place but didn’t show it. He just acted like everything was groovy.

That was the party. When he got home, he got revenge on his wife by deciding not to shave off the pornstache he grew for the party. You have to wonder who is suffering more because of it? Jackie who has to look at it even though she likes it or Kelso that has to go around in public looking like that even though he hates it? To me, he is the loser of the two because only select people look good in a stache and he is not one of them.


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