Seriously? OMG! WTF?Are Billy Zabka and Ralph Macchio friends in real life? - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] Are Billy Zabka and Ralph Macchio friends in real life?
April 25th, 2019 under Billy Zabka, Ralph Macchio

For over 35 years, Billy Zabka and Ralph Macchio have played arch nemesis in the Karate Kid movies and the followup series Cobra Kai, but how do they feel about each other in real life?

Jenny McCarthy asked Zabka if they are friends in real life on her radio show? He told her, “We are good friends in real life.” He says that they are “different but the same”. In fact, they ride together to the set and jam to music as they get lost. A lot like a scene in season one of Cobra Kai.

Talking about their series, does Johnny Lawrence do his own fighting on it? Believe it or not, he does. He is 53 (can you believe it?) and still doing his own stunts! That is why they say Cobra Kais never die.

I hope the show never does either. Watch all of season two streaming on YouTube Premium now. Can I tell you it is even better than the fantastic first season?


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