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[ # ] April faces her mortality on Chasing Life
July 29th, 2014 under Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell

Tonight at 8p on ABC Family’s Chasing Life, April (Italia Ricci) attends her first funeral for one of the members of her cancer group. That experience will change her outlook on everything.
Up until now, she didn’t realize that she could die. But seeing that someone just like her can, makes her comprehend that she might not be able to the beat cancer. The timing couldn’t be worse for her because she is about to start chemo. That means she will be in the hospital for a month, and she is beginning to accept that there is no guarantee that she will ever get out.
Now, that she understands she isn’t immortal, she finally gets what Leo (Scott Michael Foster) was saying about living life to fullest. Something he has been doing for other people and you will get to see what his beautiful legacy will be. It is an admirable one and you will wish you could follow his example. Although, we also learn something else about him and his cancer tonight.
Tonight’s Chasing Life is very poignant as it tackles the reality of death and how far someone will go to avoid dying. So once again, I warn you to have the tissues ready because it is another wonderfully done tearjerker.
If you have been missing out on this brilliant show, then please catch up on it on the ABC Family app or ABC Famly OnDemand. It is one of the few shows that I suggest you make time for because there is always time for powerful entertainment.


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