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[ # ] Restaurant Startup serves up the reality!
July 29th, 2014 under CNBC

Restaurant Startup is unlike any other reality show on television and you will want make a reservation for this show on CNBC Prime tonight at 10p.
Each week Tim Love and Joe Bastianich listen to two restaurant pitches. Whichever one they like better, they will give the winner $7.500 and 36 hours to turn their dream into a reality. If they think that they have what it takes to open a place of their own, then one of the renowned chefs invests their own money in them.
Every Tuesday night, you will see the real emotions of people as they get to see their hard work finally pay off. And real reality is something that Bastianich was going for. Recently on a conference call he told me, “I think that the show replicates reality in a really real way” Then he added, “I think that that’s an interesting thing to point out about the show, that it puts the reality back in reality television because it’s not like a bunch of stage horsesh!t, you know. It’s like real people making real food in a real situation and we’re investing real money.” Something his wife didn’t find out until the show’s premiere. Unlike Tim Love’s wife who knew about it in advance and was supportive of her husband.
This is just one of the things that both man do differently. but there is one thing they agree about. When I asked both of them to describe the other one, they both concurred they have different perspectives on almost everything, and that makes things better for the show. Even though they don’t see eye to eye on things, they both respect each other very much.
They want you to respect their show. As Joe explained, it’s more than just a reality show, you also get an education about the restaurant business. He says, we will learn things like, “What does your food cost needs to be what’s your gross margin, what is the labor cost, how do you make sufficient margin in the restaurant? Where does the profit come from?”
I know for me it has changed the way I eat out. It makes me respect all that these restaurant owners go through.
So tune in for a reality show that is unlike any other and yet so scrumptious to watch.


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