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September 23rd, 2019 under CBS, Chuck Lorre

Today is the start of the 2019-2020 season on broadcast TV. CBS starts it off at 8p the second season of The Neighborhood. Then at 8:30p, Chuck Lorre has a new show called Bob ❤️ Abishola. It is a story of two people meeting and one of them falling in love with the other one.

Bob (Billy Gardell) is rushed to the hospital with a heart attack. While he is recovering in his hospital bed, he meets Abishola (Folake Olowofoyeku) a nurse for Nigeria. She is the first thing he sees when he wakes up and it is love at first sight. He just loves the way she says his name.

Bob is the boss of his family sock business in Detroit. He says they are the best socks and he wants to give Abishola a few pairs. Unfortunately, she is not there. Therefore, he bribes someone to get her address.

When a white man shows up at her house, her aunt (Shola Adewusi) and uncle (Barry Shabaka Henley) want to know why he is there. Eventually, Abishola comes to the door, takes the socks and he leaves. Her husband left her and went back to Nigeria, she has a son (Barry Shabaka Henley), she’s going to school and she works. She does not have time for anything else.

Bob is not going to give up and neither is her family. Her aunt and uncle see dollar signs, but will Abishola see ❤️? We are just going to have to tune in each week to find out.

I have some Nigerian friends, so I told them to watch because they do not see themselves represented on television at all. At least not in scripted. While I think they will enjoy it, I think other immigrants will too.

You don’t have to be an immigrant to like it, although almost all of us are immigrants (4 generations or less). This show is very much Chuck Lorre. Some crude humor, lots of jokes and most importantly a lot of heart.

After watching three episodes, I am in ❤️ with Bob ❤️ Abishola. You will be too!

Then at 9p, All Rise for CBS’s newest legal drama. Lola Carmichael (Simone Missick) is ready to begin her first day as a judge. To say it does not start off well is an understatement.

She notices that the defendant does not have any pants on and wants to know why no one has given this woman any pants to wear. After questioning the judge, the lawyers and the baliffs, one of them just loses it. They take out a gun and start shooting. The shooter is killed.

Everyone gets a month off and now it is time for Lola to offically begin her job as a judge. Sherri (Ruthie Ann Miles), her perfectionist, know-it-all judicial assistant is there to offer advice but Lola does not want to take it. She should because Sherri knows what she is doing.

When Lola finally gets into the courtroom, she sees the same defendant from her first day back in court. Lola is going to do what she can to help this woman. She is a new judge, so she cares about the people in her courtoom.

That includes her lawyers and friends. Emily Lopez (Jessica Camacho) is a tough woman who fights for her clients. Together her an Lola are unstoppable, until they need to be stopped. Mark Callan (Wilson Bethel) is also her friend and the two of them have a yin/yang type relationship.

Lola meanwhile is enjoying her newfound power. Being the judge is fun and she is going to savor every moment.

Each week, they will be hearing different cases. They are not going to let the legal system get them down, they are going to use to help the people in their courtrooms.

The best way to describe All Rise, it is like if Night Court is a Shonda Rhimes drama. A judge who cares but she is also cool. It feels a lot like We The People but with the judge being the focal point.


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