Seriously? OMG! WTF? » ABC is mad at Michael Strahan for not ending his vacation early
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[ # ] ABC is mad at Michael Strahan for not ending his vacation early
September 2nd, 2017 under Michael Strahan, TV News

When you work in network TV news and something huge breaks, you are expected to come in to work no matter what day or time it is. Vacations do not have much pull when a hurricane hits your hometown. At least, it is not supposed to mean anything. Your instinct should be to call in and ask where do you need me.

Well, a vacationing Michael Strahan called in to his bosses at Good Morning America, but did not offer to come back to work early in order to cover Hurricane Harvey. A source told Page Six, “ABC News asked Strahan to come home from his vacation. He’s from Houston. But he refused and is still floating around on a yacht in Greece somewhere. ABC is really upset with him.” Although his rep and someone at GMA denied that they asked to come back in.

That is the difference between a face and a newsperson. A newsperson comes back in and says screw the vacation. A face continues on with his trip. Since ABC News is run by a real newsman, I think I know who is telling the truth.

Strahan’s vacation is over this weekend and will reportedly be going live from Houston starting this week.


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