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[ # ] A St. Elmo’s Fire mini reunion: Demi Moore and Andrew McCarthy
May 22nd, 2023 under Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Rachael Ray

Andrew McCarthy is working on a documentary about the Brat Pack, and that means he is reuniting with his old castmates like Rob Lowe from St. Elmo’s Fire and Jon Cryer from Pretty In Pink to talk about their good ole days.

Most recently, he caught up with Demi Moore. The woman he was obsessed with in St. Elmo’s Fire. And as obsessed as he was with her, we were with them.

Seeing how fantastic they look lights my St. Elmo’s Fire. Can you believe that they are both 60 because they don’t appear to be any older than they were in that 1985 movie?

McCarthy talked about the Brat Pack documentary to Rachael Ray. To hear what they said, then

The actor told Rachael Ray that he got inspired to do this doc after writing his book, Brat: An ’80s Story.

After writing the memoir, he realized he hadn’t seen any of the old gang in a long time, some for over 30 years.

The Brat Pack era meant a lot to him, and he figured it was the same for them.

So he took a literal trip down memory lane and talked to them about what being a member of the Brat Pack meant to them.

And we will soon be hearing how they felt about being in the most famous pack in the ’80s because he is wrapping up work on it.

Imagine the stories they told him. Then, imagine the ones they couldn’t!  Those are the ones I want to hear!


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