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[ # ] A breast cancer scare on Will & Grace, sexual harassment on Great News
October 12th, 2017 under Debra Messing, NBC

Will & Grace gets serious tonight at 9p on NBC. Grace (Debra Messing) goes to the gynecologist (much to the disgust of Will (Eric McCormack) and Jack (Sean Hayes)) and they find some abnormal cells in her breast. Once she gets over the shock, she gets another one. They called her emergency contact to pick her up and it is Leo (Harry Connick Jr). Now we are going to find out what went wrong in their marriage. Is there a chance they can get back together?

We also learn what a Platinum Gay is and why Jack is one. On that note, Jack gets an acting job and he brings Karen (Megan Mullally) along with him. We are going to see a different side of her.

One thing we will not see a different side of, is just how funny this show still after its 11 year hiatus! I am so happy that NBC brought this show back.

Talking about NBC bringing things back, Tina Fey is on another new episode of Great News tonight at 9:30p. The show takes on a very topical subject, sexual harassment. But they do it with a twist, Diana St. Tropez (Fey) is the harasser.

First she harasses Greg (Adam Campbell), then Carol (Andrea Martin) and pretty much anyone else in the office. Everyone but Justin (Horatio Sanz), because well, and Katie (Briga Heelan). Katie, who does not believe her mentor can do that, so she confronts Diana about. Diana does not deny it, so now the staff of MMN is going to try trap her. What happens next is something none of us will see coming.

Even though, this is an especially upsetting topic right now, they did it a way that is informational and comical. I was beyond impressed by what a Great job they did with a story that is currently in the News. But I am always impressed by this show.


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