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[ # ] NBC cancels 2, Fox cancels 1, ABC cancels 1 and The CW picks up 1
November 12th, 2008 under ABC, NBC, The CW

NBC has cancelled Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy, Fox has cancelled MadTV and The CW picks up Privileged for 5 more episodes according to The Live Feed.
Lipstick Jungle with Brooke Shields came back for its second season with weak ratings on Wednesdays, so when NBC moved it to Fridays the writing was on the wall for the show. I am sad to see this show go because it took me a while to get into it, but now I love it! My Own Worst Enemy gave Christian Slater a show, but even with his name and Heroes as a lead-in, it was not good enough to save the show.
Fox for some reason will pull the plug on MadTV at the end of the season, saying the show had become to expensive to keep on the network. The co-creator of the show says he is not ready to let the show go and will be shopping it around to the cable networks. Hopefully Comedy Central or FX will pick up the funnier of the two late-night Saturday shows.
But with all this bad news, there is some good news. The CW has asked Privileged for 5 more episodes!!! This is the best show of the season, and now is a good time to start watching this show!!! Please!!!
ABC and CBS have yet to announce the fate of their bubble shows, but when ABC does there are going to be a lot of p!ssed of fans. I am preparing myself for the news that Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies will be well Pushing Daisies.
With all the good shows getting the ax, it blows my mind that NBC picked up Life, Knight Rider and Kath & Kim and ABC is expected to Dirt Sexy Money and Life on Mars.
I will end this post with one of the best things that MadTV ever did Raging Rudolph!!!

UPDATE: According to TVWeek, ABC has decided to pick up any more episodes of Pushing Daisies.



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