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[ # ] A tornado comes to Superstore while The Muppets visit MasterChef Junior!
May 4th, 2017 under Gordon Ramsay, NBC

Tonight at 8:30p on NBC’s Superstore, Cloud 9 faces a problem they never dealt with before. Not which 6 employees will be fired, but a tornado warning that becomes more of a reality.

Glenn (Mark McKinney) is tasked with firing six employees and everyone wants to know who it will be. Dina (Lauren Ash) and Amy (America Ferrera) try to help him, but he doesn’t want to get rid of anyone. Just as he finally announce his six, he is saved by the alarm. A tornado is coming their way and now they need to bunker down. Their friendships will be tested and things will never be the same between them. Who will survive? Will it be Dina? Amy? Will it be Jonah (Ben Feldman)? Will it be Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom )? Will it be Matteo (Nico Santos)? Will it be Garrett (Colton Dunn)?

To find out who will survive the layoffs and the tornado, you will just have to tune into this game changing season finale episode that gives a whole new meaning to cliffhanger.

At 8p on Fox, the cooks on MasterChef Junior get some special guests in the kitchen. Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef are there to help out. Well Miss Piggy cooks as the Swedish Chef judges the contestants. All leading to shocking elimination that no one will see coming. Get the tissues ready because you will laugh so hard there will be tears in your eyes and then you will have tears in your eyes from crying during the elimination. But don’t you always? That is why we love this show!



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